Posting guidelines

You must not...

  1. Post any personal contact (e.g., phone numbers, email, personal website, instant messaging or social media profile/username) in a forum post and/or signature.
  2. Post any 3rd-party unofficial link in any of your post except the Immigration News section.
  3. Post the same thing multiple times.
  4. Use any non-English language/alphabet.
  5. Post any illegal content or use any abusive/harsh/disrespectful language/tone.
  6. Copy and paste contents from other sources without explicit permission. It's your responsibility to check and verify for copyright infringement when citing an external source.
  7. Post anything not related to the content and purpose of MigrationDesk.
  8. Post anything to advertise/offer any commercial or non-commercial product or service.
  9. Post any derogatory comment on any institution. You are welcome to share your experience and opinion, good or bad, with any institute, but that must happen in a civil manner without bad-mouthing. Furthermore, the intention cannot be to advertise, and you must declare your affiliation with them, if any.

You should not...

  1. Make unnecessary emphasis (such as bold face, ALL CAPS etc.) or repetition (e.g. !!!! or ??).
  2. Post your question in an irrelevant thread.

You may...

  1. Post anything, trivial or non-trivial, as long as it is relevant to the content of MigrationDesk. The relevancy of a topic will be determined by the moderation panel and any non-relevant post may be removed from the site.
  2. Cite any well-known 3rd party site by their name without explicitly linking them.

You should...

  1. Search through MigrationDesk before asking a question because, most probably, the question has already been asked and answered.
  2. Give your thread a relevant title so that readers can have an idea what you are asking.
  3. Use the reaction system to congratulate/thank someone instead of making a single-word post.

The admin/moderator team reserves the right to update/amend the rules anytime, and any update may be enforced retroactively.

Any violation of the rules can be dealt with any or all of the followings:

  • Editing the post by the moderation team
  • Deleting the post by the moderation team
  • Banning the user

The posting rules mentioned in this page doesn't necessarily cover every aspect. Please use your best judgement before posting any content.