1. Clemente

    Does working through an agency count as part of the 3 year employment requirement for 186 Direct Entry?

    Hi all, I'm looking into applying for the 186 Direct Entry scheme with my employer. I'm about to turn 3 years with them this September, but that is including the first 6 months which I was working as a contractor through an agency - so not directly employed by my current employer. Do this 6...
  2. Kii

    Advertisement for 186 DE application.

    Hey, I am working in the company as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and the company I am working for currently approved me to sponsor for my residency (186 DE software engineer). For 186 DE, DHA has new requirements for advertising the position before we lodge an application. The company...
  3. A

    186 Direct Entry- LMT & Nomination question

    Hello Guys ! Hope everyone is doing well. I'd like to clarify a couple of points regarding 186 DE stream. 1. Is Labour Market Testing mandatory for 186 DE Stream. 2. The IMMI website says they may refuse the nomination if they see the applicant ineligible for this visa. 3. Are we able to...
  4. Kii

    Subclass 186 Whether to go with 186 or plan for 189?

    Hello, Currently, I am on 485 (Temporary Resident) and my 485 will expire on 2021 Nov. I am working on a software company and my company is offering me to sponsor. I have the following queries: Should I plan for 189 (do PTE, NAATI, PY) or go with 186? If I go with 186: Will I be in a bridging...
  5. Typewriter

    Subclass 190 Applying for two visas simultaneously

    What consequences it would have if someone who has applied for 190 receives an offer from their employer to get sponsored for 186 and accepts it? Is it possible to have two applications lodged in SkillSelect and how such cases are viewed by the respective authorities? Thank you.
  6. Anazy

    2017-2018 Guide to 186 Direct Entry Stream visa?

    @MysticRiver I was wondering whether there is already a guide written for 186 visa? There is a big chance I'll get a job offer soon which will comply with Australian immigration and workplace relations laws and all the other requirements. Job directly needs all the skills that I have plus...