189 visa; employment evidence

  1. C

    189 EOI/Visa employment history question

    Hi to whoever is listening, First, thank you for taking the time to read and help me with my concern. While filling in my EOI I did not include all my employment history for the past ten years and was invited to apply for my 189 visa as a secondary school teacher. I only included teaching...
  2. V

    Resign from current job while waiting visa grant

    Can we resign from our current job while waiting for visa grant? I have lodged my visa in October 2022, now just waiting for grant. It shows "received" in my immi account. But my current work contract is ending in December and I would not be renewing it due to personal issue.
  3. vjharsha25

    Subclass 189 Does DIBP ask my employer for relevant work experience details?

    I am looking to apply for Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189). Once ACS completes the skill assessment, I have read on some platforms that DIBP will call my employer to verify my employment details. Problem : My role in my company is "Test Analyst" which is a company specific designation...
  4. A

    Subclass 189 Responding to s57 NJL

    Hello everyone, I had lodged my PR visa under 189 subclass from India on Nov 2017 ( Developer Programmer ANZSCO Code: 261312). There was no updates on my case from then other than the immi commencement mail i received on Feb 2018. Now i have received the s57 NJL on Apr 2019 with the below...
  5. K

    189 employment evidence

    Hi all Is bank statement a mandatory document for claiming points for my one year experience. The question is because my first company (where I worked first two months of the one year claim)paid me over March 2018 for the work I did during October 2017 and the same is reflected in my bank...
  6. X

    ANMAC Finally I Got an invite for 189 visa but I have a question.

    Hi, I'm a registered nurse with work experience of 1 year, which I have claimed for the EOI. I work under the same hospital but in two different locations (work 1- where I work 16 hours a fortnight and work 2- i work 64 hours a fortnight). I recently submitted by skills assessment-...
  7. K

    Roles & Responsibilities letter must for 189 visa documents submission?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm me if we need to attach the Roles & Responsibilities letter while we upload the documents for 189 visa application. For my current employment, I had created a statutory declaration signed by my senior colleague when I had applied for the ACS skills assessment, however...