189 visa

  1. A

    189 visa 8/12/2022 Invitation round thread

    Hi everyone, I am not sure if there is already one. I would like to start this thread for people who got an invitation on the 8 of December 2022 to see/check how long is taking for most people to get their grant :) My occupation is TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORK PLANNER with ANZSCO 313213 Onshore. I...
  2. sharongeorger

    Subclass 189 Request for S56 from CO (Help!)

    Dear Admins / Mods, I just received a request for S56 additional information regarding my employment. What was asked for in the S56 checklist were 1) Tax Returns 2) Bank Statements 3) Superannuation information. Apart from the above info, I had submitted my employment contract letters...
  3. G

    Subclass 189 Travel when visa application in process

    Hi All, I could really use your advise please I have lodged my 189 application recently, I have to travel overseas due to a family matter, I’m currently on student visa (valid till November 2023) and 189 bridging is not active yet, so can I travel? Does this affect my application in any way...
  4. S

    Subclass 189 Relationship evidence for a 4-month-old marriage for 189 Visa

    I got married 4 months ago and updated my 189 EOI with the relevant details for my spouse. She has proficient English and a valid skill assessment result. I recently got the invite for 189 visa. Can someone guide if I need to update any additional documents other than my marriage certificate as...
  5. C

    189 EOI/Visa employment history question

    Hi to whoever is listening, First, thank you for taking the time to read and help me with my concern. While filling in my EOI I did not include all my employment history for the past ten years and was invited to apply for my 189 visa as a secondary school teacher. I only included teaching...
  6. Caleb

    TYPO (ERROR) noted in EOI and Skill assessment letter after 189 invitation

    Hi guys, I have a typo in the section of one of my employments (listed in my EOI and skill assessment letter) regarding the end date of it. it was supposed to be 15/7/22 but it says 31/7/22 in both (EOI y skill assessment). the change will not add or reduce points. I will put the correct date in...
  7. A

    189 application question please.

    Hi everyone, I received an invitation to apply for the 189 yesterday and today while I was filling the application I stopped at this question in the work history part. When I go and put all my work experience from the past 10 years it says: Are you claiming points for this position? YES or NO...
  8. C

    189 visa application with about to expire passport

    hi there, i received a 189 invite recently but my passport is expiring within a month, i am confused as to apply with the old passport which is about to expire and renew it when the CO ask and update it or should i apply for a renewal of the passport and apply once the new passport comes
  9. N

    Subclass 189 Mistake in EOI.

    I got an invite for 189. I by mistakenly stated that usual country of residence is India but I’m here in Australia waiting for 485 to be granted. I’m currently on bridging B. Should I proceed forward with the invite and lodge 189 visa? I haven’t claimed any points for being onshore. I’m...
  10. A

    Question about working experience

    Hi All, My wife got skilled assessment from ANMAC with 8 years oversea experience of Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency ). However, She just graduated in Bachelor Degree 2 years ago. She's now getting an 189 invitation with 70 points including the experience points. Will home affairs...
  11. H

    Info subclass 189, NZ Stream - How often do they update the date?

    On the Home Affairs website (https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-independent-189/new-zealand) it says you can apply for 189 if you started living in Australia on or before 19 February 2016. How often do they update this date? Is it adjusted every year? Will...
  12. I

    Info 189 New Zealand stream & HIV status.

    Hi. As a New Zealand citizen already here for 10 years I meet all the general requirements. My concern is whether HIV positive status will be a barrier. We get Medicare anyway so it really makes no difference but it’s difficult finding someone that can answer the question for me.
  13. S

    Guide 4.5 years in waiting for 189 visa processing

    Hi @MysticRiver /@mohsinciddiki So I have been waiting for my PR grant for over 4.5 years now. They verified my work etc in April 2020 and asked for health/PCC as a last step. But sadly, borders closed. We received again a request to do health/PCC ( overall we have done this 3 times) and we...
  14. T


    Late 2021, we have applied for a 491 visa after receiving invitation and up to now, still waiting for a response. Few days ago, we have received an invitation for a 189 PR visa (EOI I made in 2020), invited with 90 points. Upon review, there will only be 85 points truly as I have ticked 1 item...
  15. JackieLee

    Subclass 189 What to do to add my partner after invitation of 189?

    Is it ok to add my partner after I have been invited of 189 visa? What should I do to add her on the list before we upload documents? When I was filling the EOI, I select ‘no’ to “Are there any family members the client would like to include in a future application ?” And I selected ‘yes’ to...
  16. M

    Latest SkillSelect Round 2021 Visa 189 - Any comments on 80 points invitation?

    What might be the logic behind this invitation? There are higher points waiting for an invitation... and we know that higher points used to have priority. Have they started to look at the "latest date of effect" first? What do you think?
  17. Christcafe

    2019-2020 Covid-19 threshold 189 New Zealand stream

    Hi all, Hope is everyone is keeping well, this regards to the New Zealand stream 189, does anyone know if the gouvernement is going to give exemption due COVID-19??? My partner and I desperately trying to search for answers as we are short of $800.00 for 19-20 financial year as we were stood...
  18. D

    ACS ACS Skill level met confusion. Need Guidance

    Hello All, I am planning to apply for Sub 189/190 and now in the process to file for my ACS under ICT Security Specialist. I have completed my majors in Computer Systems Security from the UK in 2010. After that, I got a job in March 2012 in India in the cybersecurity field. Till date I have...
  19. S

    Info Need help understanding partner/dependent/subsequent entrant visa.

    Hi everyone, Needed some help understanding partner/dependent/subsequent entrant visa. Both me and my partner (de-facto) are currently on Temp Graduate Visa (485). My partner's visa expires in May 20201 whereas my visa expires in May 2022. We are planning for my partner to come on to my visa...
  20. K

    Subclass 189 Claim NAATI points in EOI Upfront before result

    Can we claim NAATI 5 points in EOI before result is released. I just got to know, If it is the date they issue the result/certificate (in future) falls beyond your invitation date then we should be good else, we might be in trouble. Is this true ? Experts please advise with relevant...