189 visa

  1. A

    Few questions about submitting the EOI

    Hello there, I'm currently working as an electronics engineer and have 80 points with 65+ in PTE. I'm planning to do the exam again and get 79+. But in the meantime, I'm going to submit an EOI. I'm planning to apply for 189 and 190 visas. I currently reside in QLD and would prefer to stay here...
  2. J

    Info 189 invitation received after lodging 190 visa application.

    Hi everybody! Hope the one reading this post is doing well. After a long struggle for years I am in a position now to make a choice of which visa I shall go with, and I am desperately need your help people. Last month I received 190 invitation and approval from NSW, I lodged the visa...
  3. S

    189 visa application pending for 30 months

    Hi All, We submitted our 189 visa application in Sep 2017. It’s been 2.5 years now ... 30 months and it is still in further processing. The case officers have contacted us thrice - each time we have provided additional info on employment and others within a week of them asking. Then no contact...
  4. Kii

    Subclass 186 Whether to go with 186 or plan for 189?

    Hello, Currently, I am on 485 (Temporary Resident) and my 485 will expire on 2021 Nov. I am working on a software company and my company is offering me to sponsor. I have the following queries: Should I plan for 189 (do PTE, NAATI, PY) or go with 186? If I go with 186: Will I be in a bridging...
  5. T

    189 invited to apply

    Hi all, I am nominated for 189 visa with total points of 90. 5 of these points is for 3 years work experience (20 hours per week) that I gained during my Ph.D. I used to work on a joint industry project (sponsored by 5 major international energy companies like BP and Shell) and getting money...
  6. Zyc

    189 and 190 Application under Two Different EOIs

    Hello everyone. My situation is as follows: My EOI of 189 is expected to be invited in March. Since the processing time of 189 is about 10 months, it is estimated that I will get the PR in Jan - Feb next year. For some reason, I want to get PR as soon as possible. I have another choice. I can...
  7. Usman Saeed

    189 Visa Application - Non-migrating members of the family unit (qus 10/17)

    Hi, I am filling the application for Visa 189 Skilled independent on Immi Account. I am single and no one is migrating with me to Australia. I am bit confused about question number 10 which states that: Does the applicant have any members of their family unit not travelling to Australia who...
  8. S

    Subclass 189 Will 85 points ever be enough for an Electronics Engineering for the 189 visa?

    I know Iscah says it will, but at no point in the last 18 months has 85 points been enough for an Electronics Engineer. Even during months they have allowed 1500 people in 85 wouldn't have been enough.
  9. S

    Subclass 189 Can I be offshore when 189 visa (applied on) is granted

    Hi all, I recently submitted my 189 application in Australia. My current visa is still valid until 2022 and I have plan to travel overseas in March. Can I be overseas when the visa is granted? Will there be any problems? Thanks!
  10. S

    Subclass 189 Can you be overseas when 189 visa which was lodged onshore is granted

    Hi all, I recently submitted my 189 application in Australia. My current visa is still valid until 2022 and I have plan to travel overseas in March. Can I be overseas when the visa is granted? Will there be any problems? Thanks!
  11. P

    189 Invitation By mistake

    Hi guys, Yesterday, I've made a mistake of leaving my partner out of my 189 EOI, I wa going to correct it today 10/01 but I've been invited. If I apply with her I lost 5 point and end up with 90 - So can I just ignore that invitation and correct the EOI for 90 points ? Would I still be able...
  12. Kii

    age based points for PR (189)

    the point for age is as: Age Points at least 18 but less than 25 years 25 at least 25 but less than 33 years 30 at least 33 but less than 40 years 25 at least 40 but less than 45 years 15 Will the age come into account during the lodge of EOI? How many points do I get if I am 32...
  13. S

    Chances for Early Childhood teacher in Australia

    What are chances with below points under "Early Childhood" occupation to migrate to Australia? Age: 30 Experience: 0 Education: 15 IELTS: 10/20 Partner: 10 Total: 65/75 Also, where we can check the cut off for non-prorated occupations?
  14. H

    Renewed passport after EOI application. Do I need to file a new EOI?

    Hi Team, I have filed an 189 and 190 EOI in May 2019 and renewed my passport in Sep 2019. So the EOI has my old passport details. In this case, do I need to file a new EOI as there is no passport update request in EOI. Or shall I wait for Invite and then share new passport details?
  15. C

    2019-2020 189- global processing time increased to 18 to 33 months why?

    Hi @MysticRiver & All Recntly, I've noticed that there is a huge increase in the global processing time for 189, currently it is mentioned as 18 to 33 months(see below). However, I have submitted my application on April-2019 and at that time processing time was 7-12 months. As now the...
  16. F

    Designation change..?

    I have been working as a software engineer from 2013 Jan 31 to 2018 Feb 01. due to changed of company it gave me "Frontend-UX Engineer" from 2018 Feb 01 onward. 1) Does ACS deduct my score..?
  17. J

    Subclass 189 Likelihood of getting invited

    Hey I’m a carpenter and my skills assessments is coming to the end. I have roughly 70/75 points depending on if they accept my wife’s skills as a chef she studied in Australia as well and can pass a skills test My question is iv been seeing a lot of application being accepted with 85 point...
  18. A

    ACS Claiming Spouse points

    Me and my spouse have different skills under 261313(Software Engineer, MLTSOL) and 261314(Software Tester, STSOL) respectively on the skilled occupation list. Both are under different SOL lists, mine is MLTSOL and her's under STSOL. Can she still add 5 points to my 189/190 PR Australian visa...
  19. C

    Chance for civil engineering technician with almost 70 pnts

    There's any chance of getting an invitation for a civil engineering technician how can gather 70 pnts in applications for 189 visa, also my husband seems eligible for 190 visa can I have the 5 pnts for a partner. Thanks
  20. K

    189 visa with 75 points under job 'ICT Business Analyst'

    Hi, I have 75 points and submitted application (EOI) on July 18th under 189 skilled visa for ICT Business Analyst role. Any inputs on what are the chances and when can I get my invite? Also, if any of you can discuss regarding 2019 Sept draw, it would give me some idea. Best wishes & Thanks...