189/190 233311

  1. M

    General 70 points Electrical engineer state nomination 2020

    which state that don't require job offer and are inviting electrical engineers with 70 points with 3.5 years experience in 2020 ? any suggestion please ?
  2. J

    Can i apply for EOI without skill assessment?

    Hi everyone, this may sound like bit senseless but i want to know if i can file for EOI with 65 points right now as Telecommunication engineer (263311) or Electronics engineering( 233411) without a skill assessment and PTE results? For 189 or 190 visa. I have a bachelors in Electronics and...
  3. 34ck23

    I am BSc Electrical Engineer and need an advice for subclass 189/190.

    Hi friends, I am 40, got Skill Assessment from EA, have 13 years of experience, and working in Australia with 457 visa for 14 months. Got 10 points from English. My visa issued in June 2017. I made a mistake by selecting 489 instead of 190 therefore I was refused and now the door for Skill...
  4. R

    189 190 for 65 points concerns

    When the base point was 60 for lodging the PR application ,People with 65 points were getting the invitation and it was like 60 pointers had a less comfort zone .Since the points for EOI has been raised from 60 to 65 is it going to be the same case that only 70 pointers are going to get a invite...
  5. R

    Subclass 189 189/190 233311

    Hi I have filed my nomination for Electrical engineer 233311 and i have submitted my 190 visa with 60 points on 20 may 18 Later took PTE and got 65(w)+68(R)+69(L)+90(speaking) and updated my 190 with 70 points and applied for 189 with 65 points 1.Can anyone say me what are the chances of...