190 bridging

  1. N

    Subclass 190 482 Bridging Visa query

    Hi @MysticRiver , @mohsinciddiki and others, Request you to assist with a query I have. I am currently on bridging visa A for my 482 (earlier expired and filed for renewal). The grant for the new 482 will be delayed at least till June, as my wife is currently expecting and the medicals would...
  2. B

    NSW Suggestion on bridging visa c 190 NSW pre invite

    Hi there, My 485 expired on Oct 2019 and I logged a subsequent student visa (dependent) on my wife . Ever since october 2019 i have been on bridging visa A. As my wife study completed we decided to log 485, she as a primary applicant. Since, I was still on Bridging Visa A, the agent told us...
  3. abhinavreddy16

    Info 190 Visa lodged and bridging visa granted. Worried about job ststaus during VIRUS crisis

    Hi all Hope you had a good Easter wwekend this is my other post. This is related to job status after 190 visa granted. I lodged 190 visa and it is almost 2 and half month now and obviously I received bridging visa (Currrently on 485 and about to expire on September 5th). I am just worried...