190 eoi

  1. MinMoo

    Subclass 190 Confused in steps help!

    Hi All, Just wanted to confirm 190 application process as I'm not clear on some steps. I have pre requisties ready (english score, skill assessment ..) and submitted my state matrix. My question is, do you submit EOI also at this point? or do you submit EOI when you receive a invitation link...
  2. P

    NSW EOI is expiring prior to 190 visa invitation

    Hi, I received an invitation from NSW to apply for 190 visa on March 1st 2022. I submitted the application immediately but my EOI is expiring in 18 days( March 20th). NSW says it takes no more than 6 weeks to process the application but by the time it is approved my EOI could be expired. That...
  3. K

    Info (Need advise) What should i do in case a migration agent scams me?

    Hi, I recently applied for QLD 190 (EOI) through a migration agent. As I am someone who overthinks, I'd like to have solutions for some of the scenarios that could go wrong. The business model of my migration agent is that they charge by visa. I have paid the money for 190 EOI and they process...
  4. M

    QLD 190 QLD October 2021 Invitation

    Did anyone got any pre invite yet for latest nomination round for QLD 190. Waiting as Software Engineer at 90 (including state points) . EOI submitted - 27/10/2021
  5. Anam

    ACS I lodged 190 in 263111 with positive PY result. 1 year skill assessment for my work experience still in process with ACS, but received invitation.

    I lodged 190 in Computer Network & Engineer (263111) with my positive PY on Nov 2021. Currently working in related IT field. It was 1 year in April 2021. I applied for my Skill assessment for my work experience. However, I already received invitation today which states I have 100 points...
  6. adhikarivj

    Chances of getting invite ANZSCO Code 261313 (Software Engineer).

    what's are the chances of getting invite in ANZSCO Code 261313 (Soft􏰄ware Engineer) - 189 - 90 points 190 - 95 points EOI updated - 29/11/2020
  7. Clemente

    New skills assessment needed for points?

    Hi all, I have my skills assessment outcome letter from VETASSESS for my nominated occupation. At the time the letter was issued, they have included the Points Test Advice, where the number of years assessed positively is 0.7 (they have taken my first year of employment in Australia required to...
  8. K

    NSW Any Graphic Designer applying for 190 visa?

    Hello! Any fellow graphic designer applying for 190 visa? or has any got invited recently? I just recieved my VETASSESS skill assessment outcome letter after 14 weeks of waiting. I finally submitted my EOI earlier as well. Would love to discuss and share experiences with people in the same field. :)
  9. J

    Subclass 190 190 nomination

    75 point chef including state point any chance of invite..? Need some help
  10. kannan143

    EA Skill Assessment

    I have a 3 year full time Diploma in civil engineering is awarded by Indian government and followed by A bachelors degree(part time). EA only accepted the higher qualification which is my bachelor degree and the counted experiences after the degree is awarded. However, prior to my bachelor...
  11. G

    NSW NSW Visa 190 Criteria Changes!!! Won't accept EOIs from other states

    *** NSW Skilled Nominated State Sponsorship Visa 190 Criteria Changes *** https://www.business.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visas-and-immigration/Skilled-Nominated-visa-subclass-190 Program Update Candidate's location Due to the increased popularity of NSW as a skilled migration...
  12. P

    NSW NSW 190 - Chances of getting invited (Score:80+5) ANZSCO : Developer programmer/261312

    Hello, What are the chances of getting invited for a score of 80 + 5 for 190 visa subcategory for NSW. The skillset applied for is Developer programmer/261312. If there are chances of getting invited, what would be the probable time duration to receive ITA. The EOI has been submitted on Nov 2019.
  13. A

    190 NSW Chances for EOI Application in Jan20

    Hi All :) I'm new to this forum and seek some experts' advice. I currently have 75 points ( 25 Age - 20 Superior English - 30 Vetassess as Construction Project Manager), and I'm intending to apply for NSW 190 Visa. The questions are: 1- Will the above points be enough to apply with 80 Points...
  14. R

    190 and 491 Invitations

    Hello All, I did 2 EOI, one for 190 visa on 26th November and other one is for 491 visa on 6th December but I haven’t received any invitation. Is there any one who got the invites and if yes then on which occupation and how many points? Thanks
  15. S

    Chances for Early Childhood teacher in Australia

    What are chances with below points under "Early Childhood" occupation to migrate to Australia? Age: 30 Experience: 0 Education: 15 IELTS: 10/20 Partner: 10 Total: 65/75 Also, where we can check the cut off for non-prorated occupations?
  16. Kii

    190 Software Tester (261314)

    Hi, I recently applied for a 190 visa QLD for Software Tester on 25/11/2019. The sol says: 261314 Software Tester Require 70 points; and Require minimum post-qualification work experience of 3 years (including 6 months in Queensland) in accordance with ACS skills assessment Now the...
  17. PDR

    Qld 190 PR 261314 Software Tester EOI chance

    Hello, We’ve submitted SC190 EOI QLD for Software Tester 261314 by checking the general criteria. As per that, it needs 2 years of post educational experience. But for Software Tester, there is an additional criteria of 5 years experience. My wife is the primary applicant and her experience is...
  18. H

    Renewed passport after EOI application. Do I need to file a new EOI?

    Hi Team, I have filed an 189 and 190 EOI in May 2019 and renewed my passport in Sep 2019. So the EOI has my old passport details. In this case, do I need to file a new EOI as there is no passport update request in EOI. Or shall I wait for Invite and then share new passport details?
  19. N

    General Is it ok to switch the primary applicant when applying for two different states?

    Hi. My partner and I are planning to apply for the 190 skilled nominated visa for two different states. 1 state has openings for my partner's occupation and the other has openings for my occupation. Is it alright for him to apply as the primary applicant for one state with me as a dependent, and...
  20. H

    Suggestion to choose between 190 and 491 visa

    Hi, Currently I have applied for 190 visa with 65+5 points for Victoria ANZSCO code 261312. Also my points will increase with 5 in November. I need suggestions whether should l stick to 190 or try for 491 as it would be quick to get visa in 491. Also need to know which visa is better?