190 nomination

  1. B

    Subclass 190 Does anyone get a refusal from NSW 190 after invited ?

    I was invited by NSW 190 on 13th 04/2019 and submitted my documents on 23rd April. All the people I know (including information from many agencies) have received the full nomination letter (approval) from NSW gov. I am still waiting for it, which makes me so worried. I heard that VIC 190 may...
  2. R

    VIC 261312 any invites in April with 75(without SS) points?

    Hi anyone got ITA from Victoria in April for 261312 for 80 points(including ss)?
  3. Mian24

    CPA Cash in hand work experience assessment

    Hi guys i am going to apply for 190 and need some assistance in cash in hand job assesment so my question is has any one got their cash in hand job experience assessed and claimed points for that ????? If yes please let me know what sort of documents are required to get the cash in hand...
  4. P

    NSW 190 state nomination

    Hi, i put in my EOI for nsw state nomination for occupation 233911 Aeronautical Engineer in Nov 2018 with 75 points. I also scored 90 in PTE in all (reading, listening, speaking, writing). Can anyone help me out with a potential date of my invite at all? Any help or guidance is appreciated.
  5. Sunkara0707

    Subclass 190 Systems Analyst 261112 EOI Status

    I am starting this thread to check if there are any EOI's got granted for 261112 System Analyst for this year. I have submitted for 190 NSW & Victoria with 65 +5 = 70 points. Please do update if any budy received any EOI recently.
  6. S

    VIC Victorian state nomination commitment

    What happens if one gets Victorian state nomination and got 190 Visa ..but not able to find a job offer in Victoria within two year of compulsory stay in the nominated occupation? Is it possible to go to other state if a job is offered there without completing 2 years of compulsory stay in the...
  7. L

    TAS Home based job Tasmania

    I am software Engineer and work for a company with many clients in Tasmania but no office. The headoffice is in Wollongong,NSW. My job is home based in Hobart visiting some clients in the region.,(Tasmania) Could I apply for 190 or 489 Visa if I continue working during 6 months like that in...
  8. A

    Subclass 190 EOI and VISA application - Doubts related to primary and secondary applicant

    I want to apply for EOI and then for VISA application along with my wife. I have below doubts regarding the same: 1. Can I change primary applicant to secondary and secondary applicant to primary later after submitting the EOI? 2. Does medical tests happen for both primary and secondary...
  9. happyisland

    190 Visa Invite Received - medical expiry?

    I received a 190 invitation for NSW today. My family front loaded our medicals in August as we wanted a decision ready application and expected an invite to come through sooner. We will be ready to launch a decision ready application, but are concerned that by the time they complete the...
  10. D

    Where do i look for invitation 190 ?

    Hi the invitation results for 190 can been here : https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skillselect/invitation-rounds same as per 189 right ?
  11. V

    QLD State Nomination Questions

    Hello, I have received a nomination from QLD for 190. I have a few questions: QLD nomination was based on evidence of working here in QLD. Does this mean I cannot change job (with in QLD) until I get the grant? Or can I lodge visa and then change the job and inform DHA? I am single and...
  12. N

    Subclass 190 My IELTS score was overall 8 but 7.5 n writing. Can i improve my score with PTE?

    Hi.. this is my first post here. Submitted EOI for 189 and 190 in July 2018. 75 pts for 190 under job 261312 (developer programmer). My IELTS score was overall 8 but 7.5 in writing. My questions are : 1) Can i improve my score with PTE? 2) Do I stand a chance of receiving invite soon?
  13. A

    VIC Has anyone successfully got 190 for Victoria?

    I would like to know if someone has successfully received PR for Victoria through subclass 190. As I am interested in that but the probability seems tough. I see more trend towards NSW as it seems easier. Please guide and share experiences
  14. S

    VIC Invitation Process

    How time it takes nowadays to get Invitation in 190? As I am having 75 points.
  15. Lynne Crawford

    VIC Subcass 190 rejection?

    I have just received a email saying my application was received and assessed and unfortunately, they decided not to offer me an invite for the subclass 190. Does this mean my chances of receiving an invite for this is gone. Or if priorities change I may be invited again. Devastated. Any...
  16. nirmal91

    NSW Do I need to get updated reference letter to include new position if invited?

    Hi All, I had recently got reassessed as 261313 Software Engineer on 19th March after my application as Software Tester got rejected by Victoria in Jan. I applied for second assessment on 1st February with no new documents. However, I already had got promoted by then and since roles were same...
  17. Y

    TAS State Nomination 190 for Accountant

    Hi, can anyone who is recently moving to Tasmania provide me some information, whether an applicant can apply for state sponsorship for Accountant/ External Auditor in Tasmania after study there for 2 years, please? I've been visited so many immigration agents. But they told me different...
  18. eseto

    Subclass 190 189 and 190 Application in same EOI

    Hi there. I have recently lodged my EOI with 189, 190 and 489 applications included in the same EOI. My score for 189 and 190 are 60 and 65 respectively. To my surprise, after a very short period of time of 4 days, I was invited by NSW to apply for nomination within 14 days. Same as most...
  19. K

    Enrolled Nurse 411411 - 190 Visa NSW

    Hi all! I am from the UK currently on a WHV (2nd year) which will be coming to an end in April. I am looking into doing the Enrolled Nurse (Diploma of Nursing) course at TAFE, however just wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on the below queries I have : - What are the chances...
  20. S

    NSW nomination for off list occupation - Help needed

    Dear Members I have 75 Points in 489 and 70 Points in 190 . My occupation is not listed in State in Demand Occupation list but its in STSOL (Short-term Skilled Occupation List of 2017-18) , i have created two EOI's , one for all states except NSW with ( 489+190 Options ) and another for only...