190 nomination

  1. MinMoo

    Subclass 190 Confused in steps help!

    Hi All, Just wanted to confirm 190 application process as I'm not clear on some steps. I have pre requisties ready (english score, skill assessment ..) and submitted my state matrix. My question is, do you submit EOI also at this point? or do you submit EOI when you receive a invitation link...
  2. R

    Subclass 190 ACS Skill Assessment expiring after Pre-Invite

    Hi I received my pre-invite for 190 visa from the Victoria. They have asked me to submit my documents and there is a statement mentioning that my english test and skill assessment need to be valid for 12 weeks. My skill assessment is going to expire within the next 2 weeks. How does this impact...
  3. P

    NSW EOI is expiring prior to 190 visa invitation

    Hi, I received an invitation from NSW to apply for 190 visa on March 1st 2022. I submitted the application immediately but my EOI is expiring in 18 days( March 20th). NSW says it takes no more than 6 weeks to process the application but by the time it is approved my EOI could be expired. That...
  4. R

    Urgent - Can I change my job while waiting for 190 grant in Victoria , Australia?

    Hi, I am currently waiting for my grant 190 in Victoria, Australia. However, I would like to change my job while waiting for my grant. Job is in the same state and same industry. Will this affect my PR application adversely ? P.S - I am currently on my 485 Visa.
  5. B

    Re-submitting EOI for each states

    Hi, I'm an offshore applicant.My agent has submitted several EOI for all the states under subclass 190,491 2020 November. But still, I haven't received any feedback from the agent because till recent the offshore applications was not considered. I feel that my agent is not much giving me...
  6. anilsimon

    QLD [190] How are people with lesser points invited?

    Hi, Was looking at skill select dashboard. I see that a few chemical engineers with points of 80 were invited while others with points 85,90,95 are still in the submitted state. Is it random how invitations are sent? I believed what mattered points -> first come first serve to applicants in the...
  7. R

    NSW 190 nsw

    Hi Can we update the EOI after getting the pre invite for 190NSW for RN aged care. Like update the skill assessment date. Firstly put the wrong date in EOI now I realised the date was wrong. I have applied the nomination on same day of pre invite. What are the chances to get the nomination...
  8. K

    NSW Any Graphic Designer applying for 190 visa?

    Hello! Any fellow graphic designer applying for 190 visa? or has any got invited recently? I just recieved my VETASSESS skill assessment outcome letter after 14 weeks of waiting. I finally submitted my EOI earlier as well. Would love to discuss and share experiences with people in the same field. :)
  9. B

    WA Question about resignation after lodged 190 visa application

    Hi guys, I was wondering that if there is any impact to my 190 visa application after I leave the current employer. I am planing to pursue another degree in the upcoming semester. If I have left the current firm, is there any chance that the case officer will reject my 190 application? I have...
  10. abhinavreddy16

    Info 190 Visa lodged and bridging visa granted. Worried about job ststaus during VIRUS crisis

    Hi all Hope you had a good Easter wwekend this is my other post. This is related to job status after 190 visa granted. I lodged 190 visa and it is almost 2 and half month now and obviously I received bridging visa (Currrently on 485 and about to expire on September 5th). I am just worried...
  11. G

    NSW NSW Visa 190 Criteria Changes!!! Won't accept EOIs from other states

    *** NSW Skilled Nominated State Sponsorship Visa 190 Criteria Changes *** https://www.business.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visas-and-immigration/Skilled-Nominated-visa-subclass-190 Program Update Candidate's location Due to the increased popularity of NSW as a skilled migration...
  12. P

    NSW NSW 190 - Chances of getting invited (Score:80+5) ANZSCO : Developer programmer/261312

    Hello, What are the chances of getting invited for a score of 80 + 5 for 190 visa subcategory for NSW. The skillset applied for is Developer programmer/261312. If there are chances of getting invited, what would be the probable time duration to receive ITA. The EOI has been submitted on Nov 2019.
  13. Zyc

    189 and 190 Application under Two Different EOIs

    Hello everyone. My situation is as follows: My EOI of 189 is expected to be invited in March. Since the processing time of 189 is about 10 months, it is estimated that I will get the PR in Jan - Feb next year. For some reason, I want to get PR as soon as possible. I have another choice. I can...
  14. S

    VIC Victoria State nomination.

    Hi myself Sean. Just being new to this forum and I have a question. Please suggest to me what to do. My visa expires on 1 Jun 2020 and I am thinking of applying for a 190 state visa but I don't really have 5 years' experience. My 5 years would be completed in 2 months say April 2020 but if i...
  15. N

    SA Chances of getting invited for 190 when applying for both 190 and 491

    Hi All, I work as a ICT Business Analyst and am planning on submitting the EOI soon. My question is if I submit for both 491 and 190, what are my chances of getting invited for 190? Will Migration SA consider inviting me for 491 over 190 if I apply for both? I have to apply for both due to the...
  16. S

    2019-2020 nominated occupation 190

    Hi All I got invited from qld 190 for chef position on 1st december 2019 and applied visa on 10th of December. Is it fine to leave the job after nomination although i will be working as a chef in a new organization. If i change the job does it will affect my 190 visa application. for a kind...
  17. Rakeshkh

    QLD Bsmq invitation

    Hi everyone, I had submitted my EOI for Queensland 190 and 491 on November 25th and 26th respectively for alumni stream as Web Designer (232414). I have 70 points for 190 and 85 for 491. Just wondering if they are going to send out any invites before Christmas since there is holiday coming up...
  18. A

    File for 190 while 489 application in process

    Hi Sir I have filed my 489 visa application in SA in September and awaiting for visa grant as of now. now I have also received invite for visa category 190 from Victoria. Am I allowed to file for 190 in Victoria while my visa application for 489 in SA is still in process?
  19. B

    General how to submit more than one state nomination - 190

    Can anyone please help advise, how I can submit nomination for more than one state (190). Do I need to create a new account for submission ?
  20. A

    VIC Victorian Job offer for Engineering Technologist under graduate pathway

    Hello, I am a graduate of Victoria and got positive skill assessment as an Engineering technologist 233914. I have 60 points right now so I can go for 190 and 489 and I can see there is no option available at the moment to apply for any other state except victoria, but victoria ask for a job...