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  1. sharier90

    Advice needed for 190 Visa Application

    Hello, I have recently received an invite for NSW 190, I had a successful skill assessment as well. However, when I was filling the form 80 Work history section I realized I made a mistake in my previous form 80 for 476 visa (6 years ago). For that visa I only mentioned a voluntary work (4...
  2. C

    NSW s56 and Further Assessment Time Frame for 190

    Aloha All! This is Mr. Lim from Hawaii, USA. I applied for 190 to NSW this past march 2022 as a Special Education Teacher Specialist and received an s56 last night for Police Clearance/Check from the State of Hawaii in addition to the FBI National Criminal Clearance that I have originally...
  3. T

    VETASSESS Skills assessment VETASSESS for Interior Designer

    G'day everyone! I am submitting my application for skills assessment to VETASSESS this week, to get my exp as an interior designer recognized and submit an EOI for a SC 190 NSW as soon as possible. Although my experience is short, I am sure to match all the minimum requirements from VETASSES...
  4. M

    NSW 190 visa nominations

    190 visa nomination for NSW I have 70 points for chef 190 visa expression of interest. Can i apply for that on this point? What is the minimum IElTS requirement? I reside in NSW
  5. R

    NSW 190 nsw

    Hi Can we update the EOI after getting the pre invite for 190NSW for RN aged care. Like update the skill assessment date. Firstly put the wrong date in EOI now I realised the date was wrong. I have applied the nomination on same day of pre invite. What are the chances to get the nomination...
  6. A

    Subclass 190 Typo Error in start date during EOI submission for Australian experience

    Hi Expert’s I need your urgent help for below situation. I got NSW 190 invitation at 85+5 points. I have submitted my documents and paid fees, waiting for final invite. I would like to inform you about the typo error during my EOI submission for Australian work experience. In my Australian...
  7. L

    Guide NSW 190 application processing time

    Hi guys, I got an invite from NSW (190 visa) on Oct 27, 2020 for 90 points. And submitted my application on Nov 10, 2020 No news since, anyone else waiting?
  8. S

    Subclass 190 Onshore - Chances of getting invite at 85 points

    what are the chances of getting invite in ANZSCO Code 261313 (Soft􏰄ware Engineer) - onshore with proficient English (band 7) 189 - 80 points 190 NSW - 85 points (1+ year Aus experience) Is it necessary to have Superior English to get NSW invite?
  9. S

    Subclass 190 I have 65Points for 189, 70 for 190, 80 for 491. I am falling under Softwear Engineer Skill. Whats are chances for getting invite as of now?

    I am an offshore candidate and I have my sister living in Sydney so I want to move to the same place. What are the suggestions for this case? I don't mind waiting for 2 years. but want to know is it worth giving it a try? How about jobs for Software Engineer in regional areas? Also how about...
  10. N

    NSW Software Tester 261314 or Software Engineer 261313

    Hi guys, wanted opinion from the experienced guys here. I have submitted my EOI for 261314 Software Tester for 190 SS with 90 points and I am onshore currently on 482 visa. I have asked a few guys who have suggested me to go for another assessment for 261313 to increase my chances of invite. In...
  11. K

    NSW Any Graphic Designer applying for 190 visa?

    Hello! Any fellow graphic designer applying for 190 visa? or has any got invited recently? I just recieved my VETASSESS skill assessment outcome letter after 14 weeks of waiting. I finally submitted my EOI earlier as well. Would love to discuss and share experiences with people in the same field. :)
  12. P

    NSW 190 NSW state nomination for ICT Support Engineer

    Hi I have 90 + 5 points and applied for nsw 190 state nomination on 3 April 2020 Occupation ICT Support Engineer Superior English + 1 yr exp Any chances of invite for me ? At the moment there is no additional experience requirement for this but I am afraid they are going to change it soon ?
  13. R

    Info Bupa not accepting bookings for health checks

    Hi, I have recently applied for a 190 visa and I received the referral for the health checks. The only ptoblem is that the appointed provider, Bupa, doesn't accept any more bookings due to the Coronavirus outbreak. What can I do? I have already called immigration and told me to wait. Also, on...
  14. P

    NSW NSW 190 - Chances of getting invited (Score:80+5) ANZSCO : Developer programmer/261312

    Hello, What are the chances of getting invited for a score of 80 + 5 for 190 visa subcategory for NSW. The skillset applied for is Developer programmer/261312. If there are chances of getting invited, what would be the probable time duration to receive ITA. The EOI has been submitted on Nov 2019.
  15. I

    Waiting time for ITA for sub-category 190 for NSM for 80+5 points

    Hi, What are the chances of receiving ITA (190 NSW) for a score of 80 + 5. The EOI has been submitted in December 2019. If there are chances, what will be the probable duration to receive ITA. ANZCO : 261312/Developer Programmer.
  16. A

    190 NSW Chances for EOI Application in Jan20

    Hi All :) I'm new to this forum and seek some experts' advice. I currently have 75 points ( 25 Age - 20 Superior English - 30 Vetassess as Construction Project Manager), and I'm intending to apply for NSW 190 Visa. The questions are: 1- Will the above points be enough to apply with 80 Points...
  17. H

    What are the chances for 312311 with 70/75 points?

    Hi i have skill assessment as a electrical engineering dratfsperson 312311 I have 70 point What are the chances for 189 And applied for 190 nsw on 17th july and they dnt have any special conditions As when can i expect invitation from nsw? Or any idea about waiting time can be? Thanks in advance