190 qld

  1. Kii

    QLD Will "Designations" matter?

    Hi, I am planning to apply for 190 in this Oct for "Software Engineer". The following are my conditions: I have work experience of (3.5yrs) outside Australia as a Software QA Engineer. I have work experience of (1 yr) in Brisbane as a Software QA Engineer. I have been working in Brisbane as...
  2. Kii

    Any updates on 190 skill select result of Nov 25 2019 in QLD?

    I have not received any updates from the skill select. I lodge EOI on Nov 25, 2019, for 190 QLD? Am I the only one who has not received any updates?
  3. S

    2019-2020 nominated occupation 190

    Hi All I got invited from qld 190 for chef position on 1st december 2019 and applied visa on 10th of December. Is it fine to leave the job after nomination although i will be working as a chef in a new organization. If i change the job does it will affect my 190 visa application. for a kind...