190 qld

  1. R

    ACS Need Suggestions for positive skill assessment and 190 visa

    I am electrical engineer at the moment in townsville qld . But my bachelor's is electronics and communication. I did my masters of professional engineering on electrical and renewable engineering .For my 190 & 491 visa, Can I apply for skill assessment with my bachelor's degree or with my...
  2. anilsimon

    QLD [190] How are people with lesser points invited?

    Hi, Was looking at skill select dashboard. I see that a few chemical engineers with points of 80 were invited while others with points 85,90,95 are still in the submitted state. Is it random how invitations are sent? I believed what mattered points -> first come first serve to applicants in the...
  3. N

    Subclass 190 190 QLD Feb 2021 Invitation

    Anyone received an invite for QLD Feb 2021 rounds? What were your occupation and points?
  4. H

    QLD Is there any probability of getting state sponsorship (190 visa) with 70 points for a registered nurse at this time?

    Is there any probability of getting invitation (190 visa )for a registerd nurse with 70 points?
  5. Kii

    QLD Will "Designations" matter?

    Hi, I am planning to apply for 190 in this Oct for "Software Engineer". The following are my conditions: I have work experience of (3.5yrs) outside Australia as a Software QA Engineer. I have work experience of (1 yr) in Brisbane as a Software QA Engineer. I have been working in Brisbane as...
  6. Kii

    Any updates on 190 skill select result of Nov 25 2019 in QLD?

    I have not received any updates from the skill select. I lodge EOI on Nov 25, 2019, for 190 QLD? Am I the only one who has not received any updates?
  7. S

    2019-2020 nominated occupation 190

    Hi All I got invited from qld 190 for chef position on 1st december 2019 and applied visa on 10th of December. Is it fine to leave the job after nomination although i will be working as a chef in a new organization. If i change the job does it will affect my 190 visa application. for a kind...