190 sub class

  1. J

    General Nominations process???

    Hi, my agent just contacted me that I've been invite to apply for state nomination for the 190 VISA. My question is, am I still in a competition with other candidates? In other words, has the state chosen me and is waiting to check if my documents tick all the boxes or do I have to fight another...
  2. S

    Polio and Birth Certificates from Pakistan

    Hi Admin, I was recently contacted by CO requesting a Polio certificate and birth certificate. I needed some information regarding the documents I have: Q1. Firstly regarding the birth certificate, NADRA no longer officially issues birth certificates so I have applied via my city Union...
  3. B

    190 EOI timelines for VIC/NSW/QLD

    hi folks Looking to understand expected timelines for SC190 state sponsorship assessment, invite and visa, EOI and nomination submitted on 30/06/2019 Points: 75 including sponsorship States submitted: VIC, NSW & QLD ANZCO: Analyst Programmer 261311 Any information or direction would be...
  4. S

    General Timeline for SC190, after submitting EOI for 261311

    hi folks Looking to understand expected timelines for SC190 state sponsorship assessment, invite and visa, EOI and nomination submitted on 30/06/2019 Points: 75 including sponsorship States submitted: VIC, NSW & QLD ANZCO: Analyst Programmer 261311 Any information or direction would be...
  5. D

    190 subclass visa documents

    Hello people, I am filling in form for 190 subclass in immiaccount. It has prompted me to submit form 80 and PCC. 1. Can I submit form 80 and PCC later? 2. When can I submit health assessment??
  6. A

    Subclass 190 After promotion designation is not mentioned in ACS result. Shall I mention in EOI?

    While applying for ACS, I was working at designation 1 with my current organization. After ACS result, I got promoted to designation 2 and this designation is not mentioned in ACS result. Now, I have to apply for EOI, shall I mention designation 2 or shall I keep designation 1 only in my...
  7. maandeswal

    General What is Occupation Ceiling of ANZSCO - 232414 ?

    I can see my occupation ( ANZSCO - 232414 - Web Designer ) is listed under STSOL. However, I didn't find anyone over any forums who is migrated to Australia with this occupation. If anyone can guide or suggest something useful because agents talk only lucrative things which are away from...
  8. G

    Subclass 190 Options for skilled visa

    Hi everyone, Firstly, thanks for providing some important information and suggesting. I am posting this to enquire about my visa options in future in Australia. I have been living in Australia for 3 years but I had a student extension visa refusal 1 year ago and now I am on MRT. I don’t...
  9. S

    Information required on additional 5 points and 489 Visa

    I have accumulated 70 points (Age - 15, Qualification - 15, Skills - Systems Analysts code #261112 – 15, English Language - 15, and State Sponsor - 5 Points) and applied for 190 for the both NSW and Victoria states early this month. However, going by the trends, having additional 5 points will...
  10. srnayak07

    Subclass 190 or 186 ?

    SOL : 261313 (software engineer) age 25 , education 15, PTE : 10, work exp: 10, spouse : 5 subclass 189 point : 65 - EOI applied 17 Jan 2018 subclass 190 point : 70 (NSW) - EOI applied 22 Feb 2018 subclass 186 point : No idea how to go about this ? My current employer is ready to offer me job...
  11. N

    Subclass 189 ICT Business Analyst - 261111- Received 190 Invitation but inclined to 189

    Seniors need your help !!! I have 75 points for 189 and 80 points for 190. On Feb 16 2018, I received a NSW invitation for the Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa. However, I am more inclined towards 189 since I have 75 points. On 15 March 2018, my 189 points will reduce to 65 because of...
  12. W

    ACS Invite for 190 visa.

    How much approximate time does it take to receive invitations under 190 for a software engineer with a point score of 65 (including state nomination points)? I have submitted my EOI on 11 September 2017.
  13. A

    Non IT offer letter

    Hi, I have applied for 190 visa for both Vic and nsw with 60+5 points. My migration agent told me if I have an offer letter in an IT role from any Victorian company I can get my EOI for Victoria in couple of weeks. I am really trying hard to get an IT job since I finished my masters...
  14. Aj to Oz

    Visa lodged, can i change job and country of residence?

    Hi all, I have a question... i habe lodged my visa application on 25th August. sc 190. Can i change my Job and country of residence while visa application is in process. The change in job will not affect my points calculation. Currently I am in country A and have been offered a job in country...
  15. Anony

    ACS How ACS will assess my experience and certification? Need Help!

    Hi, I'm a software engineer by profession with 8 years of full-time experience(January 2009 - Present). I have no bachelors degree but I did Microsoft Certification(MCSD) in December 2016. I scored 8 bands in each module of IELTS. My age is 27 years. I want to ask few questions listed below...
  16. Prasad Borwankar

    ACS English Assessment points considerations for State Sponsorship

    I have applied under sub class 190 for NSW and Victoria with 65 points (including state sponsorship). My occupation code is 261111-ICT Business Analyst. EOI effective date is 4/7/17. My PTE scores are Listening-78, Reading-82, Writing-87 and Speaking-89. Had I got 79 in Listening, my score would...
  17. P

    Chain Migration to South Australia

    @MysticRiver @Rakshanda I've seven years of experience related to Marketing, Event Managment, and Digital marketing. My brother is living as a PR in South Australia. Am I eligible to apply for Subclass 190 under chain migration program? Based on this link from SA's migration website...
  18. M

    chance for getting 190 subclass invitation (software engineer)

    Dear all, I has submitted my EOI on 12/05/2017 for 261313 software engineer My points are 60 for 189 and 65 for 190. Applied for NSW. Age : 30 Work experience : 15 points Study : 15 points Language: 0 points (speaking 6.5, listening 6, reading 6.5, writing 7) Could you please tell me that...
  19. B

    Questions regarding NSW SS - Visa subclass 190

    Hello Everyone. Hope you are doing well. I will be applying for NSW state nomination this month with these points: Age 27 = 30 points ACS Assessment for ICT Developer Programmer = 15 points for education (no points for 4.5 years work experience though) IELTS 7.5 overall (L-8, R-8, S-7, W-7.5)...
  20. S

    sub class 190 EOI waiting for invitation

    Dear friends , I submitted my EOI on 9 july with 60 points in any state for 190 sub class as software engineer Still not get invitation..Any idea or news how the selection is done..