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  1. abhinavreddy16

    Info 190 Visa lodged and bridging visa granted. Worried about job ststaus during VIRUS crisis

    Hi all Hope you had a good Easter wwekend this is my other post. This is related to job status after 190 visa granted. I lodged 190 visa and it is almost 2 and half month now and obviously I received bridging visa (Currrently on 485 and about to expire on September 5th). I am just worried...
  2. S

    VIC Victoria nomination approval time frame and recent approvals

    Hi Everyone, I have a general question regarding 190 nomination in graduate stream. How long does it take for a nomination,? Does it always take 12 weeks? Is there anyone who has received an approval recently ? If so how long did it take ? Thanks
  3. M

    Info Victoria 190 any updates?

    Hi Did Victoria issue any invites in the recent couple of months? please update if you have any info. I am waiting on 80 points for civil engineering occupation onshore