1. aussie++

    SA 190 visa obligations

    Greetings, Our family was granted PR visa 190. Could you please clarify responsibilities of a state-nominated visa holder? Apart from the one that goes along the lines of "live in the state that has sponsored you for >2 years". Are there institutions / web-portals / systems where visa...
  2. R

    Construction Project Manager (133111) or Quantity Surveyor (233213)

    Hi, Having 85 points in Quantity Surveying or Having 85 Points for Construction Project Manager has the higher chances of getting an Invite? TIA
  3. N

    Subclass 190 Regarding National ID/Aadhaar

    Hi @mohsinciddiki @MysticRiver , Have a query regarding the National ID details to be furnished while application lodgement. My wife's Aadhaar card has different surname from all her other documents (has my surname rather than her pre wedding one, while all other docs have pre wedding surname)...
  4. N

    Subclass 190 Received 190 QLD pre-invite. 482 and 190 are on different occupations - Advice needed!

    I finally got my 190 QLD invite last week (90 + 5 state points). I'm at Onshore. I've submitted my documents with fees and I'm waiting for the state nomination approval. Meanwhile, I have a query and really need your advice - My EOI for the 190 was for 261313 Software Engineer as I got Skills...
  5. M

    Options for overseas applicants

    Hi, New here and would like some advice please. I am looking at submitting EOI for 251312 H&S adviser. My queries are: For 190 and 491 visas, many states want you in the state/country and working in that profession, residing in state for a year, etc- this seems improbable for overseas...
  6. A

    work evidence

    Hi, @MysticRiver I was working/ helping in my cousins business for one year (not related to my occupation). as it is family business i do not have any document or salary proof Not motioned this duration in eoi However I include this in my CV 1)Do i need to mention in eoi 2)what kind of...
  7. N

    Subclass 190 190 QLD Feb 2021 Invitation

    Anyone received an invite for QLD Feb 2021 rounds? What were your occupation and points?
  8. K

    VETASSESS Customer Service Manager Skill Assesment

    Hi guys, I'm a Customer Service Manager at an Australian company with the total experience of 1 year and 5 months. My annual salary is $75k AUD. My education is highly relevant - Master of Management. I was hoping to get my skills assessment done under ANZCO code 149212 - Customer Service...
  9. S

    VIC VIC 190 Visa - Registration of Interest Assistance

    Hi everyone, VIC opened it's 190 today and I am finalising my details on it. Needed some help with the last question please - "how the work you undertake is critical to Victoria's economic recovery or health response to the coronavirus pandemic" I am a Systems Analyst and I am looking to frame...
  10. nik_asp_nt

    NT 190/491 2020-21 full allocation

    Hello everybody, I'm planning to apply for 190/491 in the near future and currently waiting for my skill assessment from ACS. However, when I checked NT state sponsorship page yesterday, I found that NT government has temporarily stopped both 190 and 491 due to very limited number of seats...
  11. N

    QLD 190 Qld

    Has anyone gotten an invite from the latest BSMQ opening?
  12. sky1988


    Hey guys, I hope all are doing good and safe. My wife and me got our PR somewhere in early March, 2020 and then the pandemic struck. First, it was the struggle to get the PR and then the struggle to get into Australia. However, we didn't give up and managed to land in Australia despite the...
  13. J

    Info 190 Non-migraiton members of the family unit for my child

    I am applying for 190 NSW visa as I got an approval from the state. I am concerned about Non-migrating members of the family unit. I am separated from my wife and I have a child between her and I. My wife is taking care of my son back in home country and I am sending her child care fee. I am...
  14. A

    Registered Nurse (Aged Care) - ANZSCO 254412

    I have lodged the EOI for Registered Nurse (Aged Care) - ANZSCO 254412 on 27 April 2020 with 80 points for 189 and 85 for 190 in NSW. does anyone have any idea when to expect the reply for an invite from the department? and what are my chances?
  15. G

    ACS Who can certify an employment reference letter for ACS assessment? Can a pharmacist do so ?

    Hi All.. Can a pharmacist certify a employment reference letter for ACS assessment for Australian PR ? Who all can do this . Currently JP services are suspended and can't find one..
  16. S

    SA 190 South Australia - only onshore?

    Hi All, my job (Marketing Specialist - 225113) is on the skilled occupation list for South Australia. It says: "190 nomination offered to applicants under specific circumstances only (see 3.5)" 3.5 says: " I am currently working for the last 12 months in my nominated or closely related...
  17. S

    Job history in EOI - real vs. assessed - what to fill in? (190)

    Hi All, I got assessed via VETASSES for the role of Marketing Specialist with 7.21 years of experience. VETASSES took 1 year off my experience saying the first year counts as "training for the job". EOI asks me to provide a job history of the last 10 years. Now comes the problem: --> If i...
  18. vinvenzo

    Subclass 190 Wife's workplace change

    Hello, We have recently applied for 190 visa. In our application we have provided work history that was true on the moment of application, however my wife has started a new job afterwards. Two questions we have: Do we need to update our application with the information about her new...
  19. D

    Help! 190 visa police certificate requested for a 2 weeks holiday

    I have recently had a response from a case officer from 190 application , asking for zambian police certificate - which is near impossible to obtain. I have travelled there this January for 2 weeks and did 2 days of medical volunteering work very informally, and have listed it down as...
  20. G

    NSW NSW Visa 190 Criteria Changes!!! Won't accept EOIs from other states

    *** NSW Skilled Nominated State Sponsorship Visa 190 Criteria Changes *** https://www.business.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visas-and-immigration/Skilled-Nominated-visa-subclass-190 Program Update Candidate's location Due to the increased popularity of NSW as a skilled migration...