1. F

    Designation change..?

    I have been working as a software engineer from 2013 Jan 31 to 2018 Feb 01. due to changed of company it gave me "Frontend-UX Engineer" from 2018 Feb 01 onward. 1) Does ACS deduct my score..?
  2. G

    Subclass 190 EOI-Chances of calling 190 with 80 points applied on August 2019

    Hi, We applied eoi for 261313 category on mar 2019 with 75 points and from June turned to 80 points due to increase in work experience. With this, When can we expect eoi approval? As it is getting delayed, we also plan to apply for 190 Visa. How is the progress of 190 now and which state would...
  3. A

    Which code has better chances of invitation - 261313 or 261111

    Hi All, I was curious to understand which of the codes, 261313 (Software Engg) or 261111 (ICT Business Anlayst) have a better chance of invitation in 2019-20. I realize that the ceiling/quota for 261313 is higher but I would presume that the number of applicants would also be proportionally...
  4. I

    NSW Got an email saying "Application Approved" but did not receive a link in SkillSelect

    Hey Guys, I had applied for visa subclass 190 and got an email from NSW Gov in a week asking me to upload the documents supporting my point related claims( the standard online form ). After submitting the same, I received an email from NSW Gov in 5 days stating my application has been approved...
  5. C

    Chance for civil engineering technician with almost 70 pnts

    There's any chance of getting an invitation for a civil engineering technician how can gather 70 pnts in applications for 189 visa, also my husband seems eligible for 190 visa can I have the 5 pnts for a partner. Thanks
  6. A

    General 190 visa points post November 2019 changes

    I would like to know whether the changes in points from 16th November i.e 15 for state nomination (5 now),10 for skilled partner(5 now), will be applicable only for 189/489 or will that apply to 190 as well?
  7. J

    190 visa processing time

    Hello everyone, I’ve applied for 190 visa on the 20th of December and the payment was made on the same day. The visa status is still received and a few of my colleagues got their 190 visa granted within 4 months but I’m still waiting. No case officer yet. According to the agent, all the...
  8. wanderlust3108

    ACS Skill Letter lists all experience as India

    Hi, My ACS skill-assessment happened back in Nov 2017. In the skill letter all of my relevant experience are in the current company, ABC, with the location mentioned as India. However, I have travelled to Hong Kong (onsite) from ABC multiple times - some of those trips were for short-term (3...
  9. S

    SA 190 after 489

    I would like to find out if anyone has applied for a 190 when they already have a 489 but have not left their country of residence. When we applied we had enough points for a 489, but a few months later we could apply for the 190 but our agent said the 489 was our best bet. The rules are now...
  10. B

    190 EOI timelines for VIC/NSW/QLD

    hi folks Looking to understand expected timelines for SC190 state sponsorship assessment, invite and visa, EOI and nomination submitted on 30/06/2019 Points: 75 including sponsorship States submitted: VIC, NSW & QLD ANZCO: Analyst Programmer 261311 Any information or direction would be...
  11. S

    General Timeline for SC190, after submitting EOI for 261311

    hi folks Looking to understand expected timelines for SC190 state sponsorship assessment, invite and visa, EOI and nomination submitted on 30/06/2019 Points: 75 including sponsorship States submitted: VIC, NSW & QLD ANZCO: Analyst Programmer 261311 Any information or direction would be...
  12. happyisland

    How to Avoid CO Contact for Online PTE Score Reports (189/190)

    Recently, there's been a lot of requests for online PTE score reports even in cases where the reports were already sent to DHA. The waiting times for 189/190 visas are already quite long, so unnecessary CO contact should be avoided at all costs. Immitracker shows there's been quite a few...
  13. S

    Form filling for visa application - SC190

    I have Few doubts in filling the online application for SC190 visa. Experts, can you please help me with this. Page 3 "Other names / spellings" I have a different spelling for my name - How to handle this? Example, passport spelling is 'Prabhu' Birth Certificate spelling is 'Prabu'.[note: All...
  14. balajigovindarao

    Points Test Visa Changes: From November 16, 2019

    Dated: April 10, 2019 (Indian Standard Time) INFORMATION FOR AUSTRALIA VISA ASPIRANTS: 1) Reference Content-Link: https://www.anzscosearch.com/points-test-visa-changes/ 2) https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2019L00578 3)...
  15. ashy

    Subclass 190 Pro rata for 190 visa and 189 visa

    Hello forum members, I have been following this forum for a while. Thanks a lot for all the informative info. I have a question about pro rata, if anyone could please take the time and answer I would really appreciate. My question is does pro rata apply to both 189 and 190 visa? Or just 189...
  16. Typewriter

    Subclass 190 Applying for two visas simultaneously

    What consequences it would have if someone who has applied for 190 receives an offer from their employer to get sponsored for 186 and accepts it? Is it possible to have two applications lodged in SkillSelect and how such cases are viewed by the respective authorities? Thank you.
  17. R

    ACS If you hold other vendor certifications they may be assessed on a case by case basis.

    Hi, I don't know if anyone has experience with other vendor certifications and the ACS skills assesment but here is my situation: I have achieved (current) Red Hat Certified Architect status which means I have passed 7 practical exams (Red Hat Linux, Cloudforms, OpenStack, Clustering and...
  18. B

    NSW Waiting period for NSW nomination

    Hi, I have lodged my EOI in February 2019 with 70 points for NSW state nomination as a Developer Programer. Can anybody tell what is the waiting period for 70 points holders ? I am QLD graduate and currently working full time as a Developer in Qld. I could not apply for qld state nomination as...
  19. T

    VIC VIC, NSW 190 EOI and 189

    Hi I have entered my EOI for 189 subclass with 70 Points, below is the breakup of points For 189 subclass Age: 25 English: 20 Education: 15 Experience: 10 Total = 70 For 190 (For NSW and VIC) Age: 25 English: 20 Education: 15 Experience: 10 Partner skills: 5 State Nomination: 5 Total = 80...
  20. A

    Subclass 190 After promotion designation is not mentioned in ACS result. Shall I mention in EOI?

    While applying for ACS, I was working at designation 1 with my current organization. After ACS result, I got promoted to designation 2 and this designation is not mentioned in ACS result. Now, I have to apply for EOI, shall I mention designation 2 or shall I keep designation 1 only in my...