1. S

    Is it ok to apply for 190 as a sole trader?

    Hello, I am a freelance IT tutor, proficient in Python especially. I also know other languages like Swift, Web(React, PHP), and so on. I wonder if I want to get the skill assessment and be eligible to apply for 190. What actions should I do? Do I need to pay super myself, for example. Thank you.
  2. J

    Info 189 invitation received after lodging 190 visa application.

    Hi everybody! Hope the one reading this post is doing well. After a long struggle for years I am in a position now to make a choice of which visa I shall go with, and I am desperately need your help people. Last month I received 190 invitation and approval from NSW, I lodged the visa...
  3. P

    NSW NSW 190 - Chances of getting invited (Score:80+5) ANZSCO : Developer programmer/261312

    Hello, What are the chances of getting invited for a score of 80 + 5 for 190 visa subcategory for NSW. The skillset applied for is Developer programmer/261312. If there are chances of getting invited, what would be the probable time duration to receive ITA. The EOI has been submitted on Nov 2019.
  4. H

    Info What is cut of point for laboratory technician / analytical chemist in 190/189/491?

    What is cut of point for laboratory technician / analytical chemist in 190/189/491?
  5. I

    Waiting time for ITA for sub-category 190 for NSM for 80+5 points

    Hi, What are the chances of receiving ITA (190 NSW) for a score of 80 + 5. The EOI has been submitted in December 2019. If there are chances, what will be the probable duration to receive ITA. ANZCO : 261312/Developer Programmer.
  6. 1

    Subclass 190 Spouse dependent

    Hi, im applying for 190 visa. My partner is a new zealand citizen, and does not want to apply for PR - she already has rights to stay permanently and has medicare. Would i need to declare her as a dependent/and get her to do health screening as well?
  7. N

    SA Chances of getting invited for 190 when applying for both 190 and 491

    Hi All, I work as a ICT Business Analyst and am planning on submitting the EOI soon. My question is if I submit for both 491 and 190, what are my chances of getting invited for 190? Will Migration SA consider inviting me for 491 over 190 if I apply for both? I have to apply for both due to the...
  8. S

    Job change before Eoi results

    Hi guys, I've lodged my Eoi for 190 and 491 as Financial Analyst. However, I've got something else that I'm considering atm as a Procurement Analyst. Would that affect my application. I've already done my skill assessment btw. Thanks soo much
  9. J

    Subclass 190 Can I have a medical exam with the existing hap id?

    I took a medical examination in August 2019 when applying for student visa. Now I am applying for 190 visa, and I need to take a medical examination. Can I use the same HAP id for the new exam? The new exam requires medical examination chest x-ray HIV test In my last exam, I have covered...
  10. S

    2019-2020 190/491. Do they impact each other?

    Hi guys, I applied for my 190 and 189 visa with 95 and 90 points respectively. I told my agent to wait and not lodge for 491 but they still did at 105 points. I currently live and work as an accountant in regional nsw. Is there a risk that the 491 has an impact me on not receiving the 190...
  11. A

    NSW Current points required for 190 in NSW

    Hi all. I wish to apply for state nomination from NSW for the 190 visa. I have 70-75 points depending on my experience (75-80 with state nomination). Is this enough to be nominated by NSW under ANZSCO 233512 or 233513? (they are both on NSW nom list). Is there any way I can find this out myself...
  12. R

    Visitor visa for dependent while PR Application is submitted

    Hi, I am currently living in Australia on my Work Permit and my wife is staying outside Australia. I recently submitted 190 PR invitation for both myself & my wife (as my dependent). Since I am planning to bring my wife to Australia and the processing time for PR applications is 8 to 10 months...
  13. F

    Designation change..?

    I have been working as a software engineer from 2013 Jan 31 to 2018 Feb 01. due to changed of company it gave me "Frontend-UX Engineer" from 2018 Feb 01 onward. 1) Does ACS deduct my score..?
  14. G

    Subclass 190 EOI-Chances of calling 190 with 80 points applied on August 2019

    Hi, We applied eoi for 261313 category on mar 2019 with 75 points and from June turned to 80 points due to increase in work experience. With this, When can we expect eoi approval? As it is getting delayed, we also plan to apply for 190 Visa. How is the progress of 190 now and which state would...
  15. A

    Which code has better chances of invitation - 261313 or 261111

    Hi All, I was curious to understand which of the codes, 261313 (Software Engg) or 261111 (ICT Business Anlayst) have a better chance of invitation in 2019-20. I realize that the ceiling/quota for 261313 is higher but I would presume that the number of applicants would also be proportionally...
  16. I

    NSW Got an email saying "Application Approved" but did not receive a link in SkillSelect

    Hey Guys, I had applied for visa subclass 190 and got an email from NSW Gov in a week asking me to upload the documents supporting my point related claims( the standard online form ). After submitting the same, I received an email from NSW Gov in 5 days stating my application has been approved...
  17. C

    Chance for civil engineering technician with almost 70 pnts

    There's any chance of getting an invitation for a civil engineering technician how can gather 70 pnts in applications for 189 visa, also my husband seems eligible for 190 visa can I have the 5 pnts for a partner. Thanks
  18. A

    General 190 visa points post November 2019 changes

    I would like to know whether the changes in points from 16th November i.e 15 for state nomination (5 now),10 for skilled partner(5 now), will be applicable only for 189/489 or will that apply to 190 as well?
  19. J

    190 visa processing time

    Hello everyone, I’ve applied for 190 visa on the 20th of December and the payment was made on the same day. The visa status is still received and a few of my colleagues got their 190 visa granted within 4 months but I’m still waiting. No case officer yet. According to the agent, all the...
  20. wanderlust3108

    ACS Skill Letter lists all experience as India

    Hi, My ACS skill-assessment happened back in Nov 2017. In the skill letter all of my relevant experience are in the current company, ABC, with the location mentioned as India. However, I have travelled to Hong Kong (onsite) from ABC multiple times - some of those trips were for short-term (3...