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    Subclass 189 221213 - 190 or 189

    I have submitted my EOI for 221213 on 20/2/18 at 80 points for 189 and 85points for subclass 190 (NSW). I received an invitation to apply subclass 190 last Friday, 2nd March but like everyone else, I am leaned towards 189 due to the free movement. I have 14 days to accept the invitation and I...
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    221213 - External Auditor - Timing of submission

    Hi, I have a dilemma and wonder if anyone is able to provide some advice. I am looking to apply subclass 189 under 221213 - External Auditor and currently have 75points. By mid-Jan 18, I will have additional 5 points for working 1 year in Australia and make it to 80. If I submit my...