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    Subclass 189 189 Visa invitation for 85 Points - 233512 (Mechanical Engineer)

    Hello friends, I am at 85 points for 189 Visa in 233512 category. The present cut off seems to be 90 points. Do I need to increase my points further up to 90 points or could I expect an Invitation if I wait for a few months with 85 points? Please advise. I need to plan my next step forward...
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    EOI submitted with 75 points (189) -233512

    Hello friends, I have submitted my EOI with 75 points for 189 visa. Following are the queries i have in this regard 1. I understand that if my spouse proves her English competence i can claim 5 points and if her skill assessment is successful i can claim 10 more points. Is my understanding...