1. N

    NSW Software Tester 261314 or Software Engineer 261313

    Hi guys, wanted opinion from the experienced guys here. I have submitted my EOI for 261314 Software Tester for 190 SS with 90 points and I am onshore currently on 482 visa. I have asked a few guys who have suggested me to go for another assessment for 261313 to increase my chances of invite. In...
  2. PDR

    Qld 190 PR 261314 Software Tester EOI chance

    Hello, We’ve submitted SC190 EOI QLD for Software Tester 261314 by checking the general criteria. As per that, it needs 2 years of post educational experience. But for Software Tester, there is an additional criteria of 5 years experience. My wife is the primary applicant and her experience is...