1. Anam

    ACS Is it possible to assess my work experience in 2 ANZSCO (System Administrator) and (Computer Network and System Engineer)?

    Hi, Is it possible to assess my work experience in 2 ANZSCO code, if my roles and responsibilities include of both positions and my employer mentions it in the reference letter? System Administrator (262113) Computer Network and System Engineer (263111) I got positive skill assessment for...
  2. vineethelias

    ACS What will ACS do if the Experience letter is missing some information?

    Hello Experts, I wish to assess for 262113 System Administrator. I do have experience letters from previous employers, but they are not 100% as per recommended from ACS. My experience letter contains the technologies I worked on and my Support level, but it was not detailing any roles and...
  3. GRM

    Re-apply for skills assessment 262113: Systems Administrator

    Hi All, I'm in a desperate situation. Hope someone give me a good advice. I'm a systems engineer and planning to migrate Australia. I completed my degree on 2011-9 and started working 2011-12. I hired an agent for the process and he seems messed up the skills assessment. As per the skills...