1. solidsnake

    Subclass 189 ACS 263111 With Sysadmin Job Title Possible?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and came across it while looking for help with regards to ACS Skills assessment, I plan to apply for assessment of 263111 ICT Network & Systems Engineer, I have masters in networking, several networking certifications, while the name of my role in my current experience...
  2. T

    Subclass 189 What has been the result of today's invitation round for computer network and system engineer 26311 ?

    Did any one got the invite for 26311 with 70 points? Last effect date was 29th September 2017, did anyone got the invite after that ?
  3. divya178

    EOI submitted 6 months ago

    Hey! We submitted our EOI on August/21/2017, under 263111 (Computer Network and SystemsEngineer) of the ANZSCO Code. Points claimed were 65 under subclass 189. We haven't received our invite yet. I saw the ceiling list and this role code has only been filled by 47%. Is there any reason why it's...
  4. M

    EA telecommunication network engineer

    My bachelor degree is in telecommunications engineering, my work experience is related to servers storage cloud computing with telecom operator and big enterprises, I already applied for ACS 263111, but now I'm thinking to apply for EA skill assessment as telecommunications network engineer...
  5. C

    263111 COMPUTER NETWORK AND SYSTEMS ENGINEER - invitation chances with 65 points

    Hi, Just to give you a background, I had submitted my EOI for above occupation in Nov 2016 with 60 points for 190 category, but didn't receive any invitation after waiting for 8 months! Now I've got 10 more points added on 4th September, so now I'm at the following 65 points for - 189 70...
  6. E

    EOI for 263111

    Hi, Code - 263111 189 sub class - 60 points 190 sub class - 65 points Eoi date - 20th March 2017 Can I know what are my chances of receiving an Invitation for either one of those sub classes ? How long will it take ?
  7. Gayan Rathnayaka

    Re-apply for skills assessment 262113: Systems Administrator

    Hi All, I'm in a desperate situation. Hope someone give me a good advice. I'm a systems engineer and planning to migrate Australia. I completed my degree on 2011-9 and started working 2011-12. I hired an agent for the process and he seems messed up the skills assessment. As per the skills...