1. Brinsley

    Partner visa Subclass 309/100 wait time during covid.

    Hi, My partner has recently applied for subclass 309/100 visa from overseas and has been advised by the agent that her visa might take upto 18 months to be processed. I would like to know : When should we expect a case officer to be assigned to her case What to expect from the case officer...
  2. V

    General Can one withdraw 820 and file for 309 later

    If one realizes that 820 is not likely to go thru can one withdraw and later file for 309. Is that allowed?
  3. Nishant Kumar

    Other name left unanswered in Partner Visa 309.

    Hi I need urgent help and advice related to one mistake that I made in the 309 application. I was using my first name Nishant everywhere and even on my passport. Now, I added my surname Kumar to it and full name is NISHANT KUMAR now. But in my application I said No in the section where I was...