457 visa

  1. D

    Subclass 457 457 notice period, visa termination

    Our workplace has been really low on work in the last several months and I have recevied a tip-off from a senior colleague that head office is considering to get rid of people on work visas. Decision is unlikely to be made official until the annual meeting which usually takes place in the last...
  2. R

    457 Visa-Last Updated Date changed

    Hi @MysticRiver , My employer lodged 457 visa on 22 Oct 2017. Until last week, the Last updated date and Application Submitted date were displayed as 22 Oct 2017. Surprisingly, yesterday i observed that the Last Updated date has been changed to 17 Nov 2017. I am not sure what actually does...
  3. Etienne

    Subclass 457 Case officer grant visa without medical clearance?

    Hi, We got a letter from our Lung Specialist to say that my wife does not have Active TB and that the cultures will be available in 4 weeks time to say what the mark on her lung is. The specialist also said in her letter she doubt it will come back as Latent TB even. The MOC/Bupa came back...
  4. Etienne

    Subclass 457 457 Approval possible before co-applicant - Australia

    Hi, I am the main applicant and everything is ready to go on my end for the visa approval. My wife is the co-applicant and we waiting for her approval for the medicals as she might have TB (picked up on x-day) and it might take months before she get's the medical clearance. Problem is the...
  5. Etienne

    Subclass 457 Small Spot on chest X-Ray - Concerned

    Hi, I got a sponsor for a 457 Visa for a company in Sydney. Our last hurdle was the medicals before we wait for approval. My medical is all fine and I am the main applicant, but they found a small spot on my wife's one lung (the doc don't know what it is but he say it wont be TB). Now this is...
  6. Etienne

    457 - HAP ID for Medicals - WHEN

    Hi, I got an offer for a 457 Visa in Sydney, have not submit or uploaded anything yet. Just busy sorting out police clearance now. Would like to do the medicals now as well but was told I need to get the HAP ID first from DIBP. How does it work and when would they give that to me? Only after I...
  7. Etienne

    457 Sponsorship Tax - First 3 Months

    Hi, I was told that if you go into Australia on a 457 Visa your first 3 months is tax free. Is this true? I cant find anything on the internet regarding that though. Etienne
  8. C


    Hi, I have been working in Sydney with my current employer since 12 November 2015, they sponsor me under Construction Project Manager (ANZSCO Code: 133111). My current 457 expires on 14th November 2017 2 days short of transitional PR requirement. In Feb I had vetassess positively assessed but a...
  9. S

    Re-entering Australia in 457 visa

    Dear Admins, @MysticRiver, @Rakshanda I have my 457 visa which will valid till next year end. However, the company I had worked wanted me to come back for offshore for business reasons, couple of weeks back I reached India and I have informed my travel desk team to cancel the work permit as...
  10. Pure Soul

    2017-2018 How to obtain Employer Sponsorship for 457 Visa?

    I am creating this thread to serve as a guide for those who wish to obtain sponsorship from approved employers in Australia for 2 year (occupation on STSOL list) or 4 year (occupation on MLTSSL list) leading to PR. More details can be found here on DIBP website...
  11. S


    I hold a 457 visa which is valid till next year end. But, due to business needs, the sponsor wanted me to go back to my home country, however they have told me that they would not cancel my visa as they wanted me back to Australia in another 4 months. Is this possible ? I heard, an employee...