1. D

    Subclass 457 457 notice period, visa termination

    Our workplace has been really low on work in the last several months and I have recevied a tip-off from a senior colleague that head office is considering to get rid of people on work visas. Decision is unlikely to be made official until the annual meeting which usually takes place in the last...
  2. V

    Subclass 457 457 Dependent entry to Australia when Primary visa holder is allocated 190 PR

    Hello Friends, I am facing a peculiar situation and will appreciate any help and guidance here. I was working in Melbourne on a 457 Visa and had brought my dependent mother as a 457 dependent to Australia. She stayed with me for over a year and left to her home town. I subsequently applied for...
  3. Etienne

    Subclass 457 How to contact CASE officer?

    Hi, So we have to do extra medicals because they found a spot on my wife's lung. We were told now it will take another 6 weeks for the results. However, in the email from the Case officer (from email [email protected]) they said this...... Timeframe for response You must respond to this...
  4. Etienne

    Subclass 457 457 Approval possible before co-applicant - Australia

    Hi, I am the main applicant and everything is ready to go on my end for the visa approval. My wife is the co-applicant and we waiting for her approval for the medicals as she might have TB (picked up on x-day) and it might take months before she get's the medical clearance. Problem is the...