485 post study work visa

  1. S

    Suggestion studying MS for 5 point

    I am offshore candidate with skill assessment as Software Engineer making 80 points today (age30), since it seems improbable to get an invite with this point, I am thinking of planning to study master program in australia which will fetch me another 5 points and that 3 years of work visa. So by...
  2. A

    Subsequent Entrant - 485 Visa

    Hi All, I am a holder of 485 visa (valid till Jan-2025). I recently got married and would like to bring my wife over as a subsequent entrant-485. Since I was not in a relationship back then, I had not added her in the original application. Does anyone know whether my partner can still be...
  3. S

    ACS 485 Post Study Skill Assessment

    Hi there, I have completed my Masters of Business Analytics in Perth and was preparing to apply for subclass 485 post-study work visa, but I am confused about the following - 1. Do I need to need to get my medicals done before applying for the visa? If yes, how do I generate HAP ID? or medical...
  4. Kii

    Can I cancel my private health insurance?

    Hi, Currently, I am on 485 post study work visa (temporary residence) and my 485 expires at end of 2021. Recently, I've lodged an applicaiton for186 DE. I've got the following queries: Am I eligible for medicare? If I am eligible for medicare, and once I got my medicare, can I cancel my...
  5. C

    485 Post-study Visa | What is considered as Overseas Qualifications?

    TLDR: What is considered as overseas qualifications? Hello everyone, I hope your day is going well. I have a quick question regarding my application for 485 Post-Study Workstream visa. In the online application, I have to provide at least 1 overseas qualification but I do not have any. So I...
  6. Kii

    Info 186 visa queries.

    Hello, Currently, I am on a 485 PSW visa and my visa will expire next year. I am asking my employer for a 186-visa. Do I need to wait until my 485 visa expires or I can start processing for 186-visa immediately? Thank you
  7. 485Vmk

    485 temporary graduate Visa Application- Question about Visa number

    I graduated recently and I am currently applying for 485 Temporary Graduate Visa – Post study work stream. As shown above, I tried my Visa Grant Number, application ID, transaction reference number , but all of them are not a correct format for Visa Number, and according to the samples that...
  8. 485Vmk

    485 Temporary Graduate visa- Question about Health examination

    I graduated recently and I am currently applying for 485 Temporary Graduate Visa – Post study work stream. The health declaration service in Immi Account is suspended, so I can’t book the medical examination without having a HAP ID, so I clicked “ no” in this section, but do I need to explain...
  9. minmin485

    Unable to use My Health Declarations due to the suspension

    I am currently applying for 485 temporary graduate visa-post study work stream,, and i need medical examination for applying 485,but i can't find "my health declaration" in my Immi account because it is temporarily suspended, so i don't have a HAP ID. Any suggestion for this case? Should i lodge...
  10. T

    Info Student visa after 485 Visa expire

    Hi, Is there anyone who was able to lodge a student visa after the expiration of the 485 visa. My situation is that my agent did not lodge my student visa even after my 485 got expired. Now, I am unable to lodge it. Is there any case like this. Apparently, student to student, you have 28 grace...
  11. R

    Visa application-Subclass 485 Onshore

    Hi there guys, Im new here and Just wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I've been living here in AUS for almost 2 years now, and I filled my application, and submitted it for my new visa (485) and submitted it, however I;m having second thoughts about a couple of questions: Q1. Usual...
  12. Suenguyen

    Problem in change from student visa to 485 visa

    Hi everyone, I currently hold student visa subclass 500 but I finished the study and now I am changing to 485 visa post-study workstream. However, I am struggling in Part F-employment when filling out form 80. I am not sure what information can I fill, because I am a full time student and I also...
  13. Mark888

    485 visa timeline

    Hi fellows, I have lodged my 485 psw visa application on 22nd December 2018, now it's been one month, there is no updates. I wonder do any of you apply the 485 recently? so we can share the timeline to get more information about our visa process. All the best.