1. H

    Adding baby to 485 offshore

    Hello 😃 I am currently on a bridging visa waiting for my 485 graduate visa to be accepted. I am pregnant and due in December. My partner and I would love to go back to the UK to give birth, but are wondering what the process is to add the baby to an already granted (presuming it will be my then)...
  2. A

    Subsequent Entrant - 485 Visa

    Hi All, I am a holder of 485 visa (valid till Jan-2025). I recently got married and would like to bring my wife over as a subsequent entrant-485. Since I was not in a relationship back then, I had not added her in the original application. Does anyone know whether my partner can still be...
  3. Suenguyen

    Problem in change from student visa to 485 visa

    Hi everyone, I currently hold student visa subclass 500 but I finished the study and now I am changing to 485 visa post-study workstream. However, I am struggling in Part F-employment when filling out form 80. I am not sure what information can I fill, because I am a full time student and I also...
  4. V

    485 Visa Delay

    Hello @MysticRiver and other members I applied for 485 post study stream visa on 12th August with all the documents etc. For AFP PCC I just uploaded the receipt. On 14th Sep, my case officer requested AFP PCC and I provided that document via immi account on 15th Sep. Now it has been 1 month...
  5. LloydMcCain

    My partner is applying for 485 visa. Does she need to list me as dependent/de-facto?

    Hi everyone, Me and my partner are lodging for visa 189. I am the main applicant and she is the dependent in that EOI for visa 189. She is also applying for visa 485 as her student visa is expiring soon. I am myself on visa 485 at the moment but it will expire in April 2019. That's why she did...
  6. B

    How to add partner on Post Graduate Visa (485)

    I am currently on Post Graduate Visa (485), and I wish to add my partner to 485 visa as well. She is currently on student visa. Does she apply for the visa or do I apply for it , and what visa category do I apply to. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance