489 visa conditions

  1. T

    Rules 489 visa online study

    Hello, Can 489 visa holders study online courses which institution is based in non-regional area? Does it apply to private courses as well?
  2. Amritpal singh

    No progress with 489 visa

    Hello, i have lodge 489 visa for australia at 65 points in april 2018 but i am not getting any update from the department. Neithet the co allotted to my case nor the case is processed.where i can contact?.....if i increase my points by giving pte again ...is there any influence to my case ?
  3. A

    How soon will get 489 SA visa

    I have applied today for 489visa of south Australia under 233513 (Production and Plant engineer) with 80 points which include state points. I have below queries EOI date - 11/01/2018 Applied 489 SA - 26/07/2018 1) How soon should I expect for invitation 2) after getting visa, within how many...
  4. J

    Courier job on 489 visa

    Hi I recently got my 489 visa and acc to visa conditions I have to live and work in regional area. But I am a courier driver and working on Abn. So I have no particular place for work. I am a subcontractor. Do I have to find job in regional area or I can continue with my courier job on Abn...