489 visa

  1. N

    Wrong Country of residence in EOI.

    Hi I am new here. We have recently received a 489 visa invitation. Today when I logged in to fill up the form I realized that I may have made a mistake of putting in my home country Pakistan as the country of usual residence instead of Saudi Arabia where I currently work. I realized this...
  2. M

    Subclass 489 SS Can I withdraw 489 Visa application while 189 visa application is submitted

    Hi Mystic River, I am currently on bridging visa, awaiting 489 Grant. But while on being bridging visa, I have submitted my application for SC 189 Visa. Now I wish to withdraw my 489 application, and wish to get only SC 189 application processed. Is it possible to withdraw 489 Visa application...
  3. aman789

    Chances of invitation for Electronics Engg. with 60+10 points in 489SS

    Hello everyone.. I am from India and planning to apply visa 489 (offshore applicant). I have 70 points in total including 10 state sponsorship points. But I am not confident enough to get invitation with these points only. Here are my details- Age- 22yrs ( 25 points ) Pte-A - 79+ each (20points)...
  4. O

    489 Relative sponsor process

    Dear Experts I have query regarding 489 subclass visa application: 1. I have 65 points and await 189 subclass invitation that looks bleak. My wife’s brother is an australian citizen and lives in Melbourne. In my case i am the applicat and my wife is dependent on my visa. How to go about in...
  5. I

    TAS I have 489 Visa from Tasmania, Can I live in other state?

    Hi all, before 2 weeks I was granted with 489 visa, nominated by Tasmania. The condition is that I can live in any regional or low populated part in Australia. Since, I'm planning to apply for 190 with NSW (soon, when they will open the invitations), in maintime can I move in another regional...
  6. N

    TAS 489 state sponsored (TAS) Visa Grant Gang

    Hi All, Let's help each other with the timeline process. See my Timelines for your information and update yours as well. regards, Niaz
  7. B

    Need Expert Advice on pursuing Australian PR

    Hi Experts, I am new to this forum and for Australia PR process. Hoping to get some suggestions which would help me to make an informed decision. I am SAP functional consultant having 7+ years of experience. I have a NON ICT degree (B.E. Mechanical Engineering) which means, 6 years of my...
  8. imtiaza

    Apply for 489 (State)

    Dear Guru, I have applied for 489 (S) in Feb after paying 770$ having 7 each in CAE (computer networks and system). Can you please help me to confirm when can I get my invitation? Thanks Adeel Imtiaz
  9. S

    SA SA State nomination for 489

    I have a query regarding SA state nomination requirements for 489 subclass visa. Will South Australia Immigration Dept. gives the nomination on qualifying basis (for available occupations for 489 subclass i'm particularly interested in Mechanical engineering draftperson-312511 which do not have...
  10. Adkin1990

    Subclass 489 SS 489 Visa South Aus

    my friend and myself both applied for 489 SS on 14th Dec 2017. both are immi status has been showing received since then. Both of us uploaded all the required documents including PCC & Health docs upfront both claiming 70 Points for the same occupation(Chef). However my friend received the visa...
  11. NehaPathania

    489 state sponsored (SA) Visa Grant Gang

    Who all are waiting/have recently been granted 489 state sponsored visa (SA)?? Let's use this thread to help Others with timeline processes. I lodged visa on 04th Sept, got CO allocated on 04th Oct. Now waiting for news on grant :)
  12. Riyaz

    CPA 489 state sponsored

    Hi, I am new to this forum. Actually, I have applied for subclass 489 visa from tasmania, on 12th july 2017, as an accountant general. On 17th October 2017, I received an email from dibp to supply one additional document so as to consider my application. I supplied the same the very next day...