1. sky1988


    Hey guys, I hope all are doing good and safe. My wife and me got our PR somewhere in early March, 2020 and then the pandemic struck. First, it was the struggle to get the PR and then the struggle to get into Australia. However, we didn't give up and managed to land in Australia despite the...
  2. S

    SA 489 - Designated Regional Code Clarification

    Dear @MysticRiver , I received my Grant for 489 - South Australia on 28 Nov 2019. Surprised to see that from 16 Nov 2019, regional codes are divided into two categories - Cities & Regional Areas. Pls advise me, whether I can settle in any of the category or I need to settle in any particular...
  3. A

    SA 489-SA-141111-Timeline

    Hi,I have lodged my application on 19th September’19. My Medicals were uploaded on 25th September’19. By when can I expect a CO and grant?
  4. P

    Visa application

    Hi everyone... I have received the invitation for South Australia 489. My agent submitted the application for visa yesterday and informed me that it will take 2 days to get a confirmation letter for the submitted application. Is that how it it? Because only a week is left for the deadline to...
  5. nnawalage

    Subclass 489 SS CV/resume for subclass 489 visa application

    Hi, I got to know that it would be better to upload a CV/resume while applying for 489 visa. Can someone please suggest a suitable template? My occupation is 261313 software engineer
  6. S

    How to add spouse after the grant of 489 visa?

    Hi, Is there any possibility to add spouse after the grant of 489 visa? If there, pls let me know. Thanks in advance.
  7. chamitha

    489 Family Sponsor Visa Invitation August 2019

    Hi ! My date of effect for the 489 Family Sponsor EOI is on the 29/07/2019 with 85 points. During the August invitation round, it is stated that 489 visa cut off was 80 with a date of effect from 21/01/2019. Still I did not get an invitation from the August round. Is there anyone here, Who got...
  8. A

    Subclass 489 SS ICT invitation(2613*) for 489 in August2019

    Hi All, I wanted to check if any of the ICT professional(esp 2613) got invite in August 2019 for QLD 489. Regards, ADC
  9. S

    SA 190 after 489

    I would like to find out if anyone has applied for a 190 when they already have a 489 but have not left their country of residence. When we applied we had enough points for a 489, but a few months later we could apply for the 190 but our agent said the 489 was our best bet. The rules are now...
  10. A

    How long a 489 visa is valid for?

    1) 489 visa is valid for how many years? 2) if it is 2 years and I will be able to manage required payslip in 2 years for PR process what will happen? During this PR process after 2 years can I stay in the country? Thanks& regards
  11. A

    489 visa information

    I need information in case of 489 visa class 1). 12 months job necessary to have in one company. Or can we have 3 to 4 months jobs in different company 2) I will apply 489 case with family (son and spouse). Is it compulsory they need to stay with me or after one month they can go back to my...
  12. S

    Eligibility for Management Consultant 224711 under 489 visa

    I am a 40 yr old offshore applicant, around 7 years work experience in Management consultant 224711. By qualification, I am BBA + MMM + PGDBA (Finance) having 7 years of experience in MC (Dubai), 2 years as a support worker in Australia (Wollongong) and currently working as a Director in a...
  13. S

    Eligibility for Management Consultant 224711 under 489 visa

    I am a 40 yr old offshore applicant, around 5 years work experience in Management consultant 224711, wanted to confirm which state I am eligible for to apply under 489 visa ( 60 +10). Please reply.
  14. IronMan

    General Working in other state apart from state nominated

    Hi, Is it possible that I can work in other state on 489 visa when working for current employer? If I work for 2-3 months in other state and work back in nominated state, is that acceptable for Permanent resident path?
  15. J

    Subclass 489 FS 489 FS on 85 points

    Hi there New to all of this, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Just lodged an EOI for a 489 FS visa on 85 points - Accountant General 221111. According to my research (and I could be very very wrong, but I'm trying to understand...) there are invitation rounds on the 11th of each...
  16. balajigovindarao

    Reg. Police Clearance Certificate for Australia 489 Visa

    Hi, Reg. PCC for Aus 489 VISA application: I am an Indian citizen, so I got to obtain the PCC from "IndianPassportPortal services", that's fine. Also, I pursued a masters' degree & stayed in the United States under student visa from Jan 2016 to Sep 2017; My query: Should I need to obtain a...
  17. IronMan

    General Working in different state on 489 visa

    Hi All, Wanted to know if we have 489 visa for State A and once Granted, can we work in State B "initially" and then from there move to State A and fulfill the obligations? Final aim is to apply for PR - will it have any implications for working in State B initially despite of fulfilling...
  18. LPP

    Sharing experience on CO's requirements/questions

    Dear All, After submitting our application, the biggest fear of ours is CO requirements for further assessment delaying our grant. Therefore, let us gather all the possible situations where CO would request more details and let's get ready and equipt to face similar situations. Hence, I...
  19. happyisland

    NSW Closely related occupation (489)?

    NSW does not have 261312 (developer programmer) on their list for 489, but they do have 261313 (software engineer) which is closely related. My ACS result refers to 261312. Can I apply for 489 under closely related occupation (261313)?
  20. Anazy

    Subclass 189 Only 1 round per month since August 11th!! :(

    This is just to inform you about the new message on Skill Select. As you can see from the attached image - from August there will be only 1 round per month. On each 11th. They say it won't affect the number of invitation, so now I'm wondering if there was a 2nd round in July or ... that's it...