1. aman789

    Chances of invitation for Electronics Engg. with 60+10 points in 489SS

    Hello everyone.. I am from India and planning to apply visa 489 (offshore applicant). I have 70 points in total including 10 state sponsorship points. But I am not confident enough to get invitation with these points only. Here are my details- Age- 22yrs ( 25 points ) Pte-A - 79+ each (20points)...
  2. R

    489SS, (E.S) TAS

    Hi All, My profession is Restaurant Manager (141111), Got my positive skill Assesment for my Australian Experience (3.3 Years) out of 5.3 years Total. Just wanted to know Vetasses assessed my 4 year overseas Bachelor Degree as an Associate Degree. So, how many points i can claim for my...