491 visa

  1. S


    Evidence of Functional English of my Spouse Hi , Visa 491 I have been asked to provide functional English evidence and I decided to pay second VAC Please tell me how much time will take? I have send the email to [email protected] I have attached a letter in my documents where I mentioned to...
  2. M

    Options for overseas applicants

    Hi, New here and would like some advice please. I am looking at submitting EOI for 251312 H&S adviser. My queries are: For 190 and 491 visas, many states want you in the state/country and working in that profession, residing in state for a year, etc- this seems improbable for overseas...
  3. H

    NSW My occupation is not listed in NSW 491 occupation list but it comes under closely related group so can I apply 491 ViSA?

    As per new occupation list (2020-21) for NSW 491 - Engineering Professionals nec 233999 is included but my occupation is - Engineering Technologist 233914 As my occupation comes under closely related group. Can I eligible for 491 VISA?
  4. nik_asp_nt

    NT 190/491 2020-21 full allocation

    Hello everybody, I'm planning to apply for 190/491 in the near future and currently waiting for my skill assessment from ACS. However, when I checked NT state sponsorship page yesterday, I found that NT government has temporarily stopped both 190 and 491 due to very limited number of seats...
  5. V

    When can we expect them to open the payment portal for 491 applications in the NSW regions?

    When can we expect them to open the payment portal for 491 applications in the NSW regions. Thank you in advance
  6. CM_Kerala

    NT Northern Territory (NT) Subclass 491 Group

    All those who have applied for 491 state nomination for NT please update their views,queries,status here .Let us help each other , solve issues during nomination stages and get a better forecast from results of members . Only genuine NT applicants pls post comments .
  7. S

    Invitation for 491

    Hi guys, I have submitted my EOI for Tasmania state for visa 491 on 24th of December 2019 as an offshore applicant. My occupation is Motor Mechanic (Light Vehicle) 321211. What are the chances of getting invitation. It’s been almost 46 days since I submitted EOI. Do I have any real chance of...
  8. N

    SA Chances of getting invited for 190 when applying for both 190 and 491

    Hi All, I work as a ICT Business Analyst and am planning on submitting the EOI soon. My question is if I submit for both 491 and 190, what are my chances of getting invited for 190? Will Migration SA consider inviting me for 491 over 190 if I apply for both? I have to apply for both due to the...
  9. S

    Job change before Eoi results

    Hi guys, I've lodged my Eoi for 190 and 491 as Financial Analyst. However, I've got something else that I'm considering atm as a Procurement Analyst. Would that affect my application. I've already done my skill assessment btw. Thanks soo much
  10. S

    NT Inquiry about sponsorship for subclass 491 NT

    Hi, Can someone please help me out. I submitted my EOI and now preparing the 491 state application for NT. I need some clarification for the following. 1) They have requested financial capability of 35000 AUD. My brother agreed to transfer the required fund. But can I take the bank statement...
  11. A

    190 NSW Chances for EOI Application in Jan20

    Hi All :) I'm new to this forum and seek some experts' advice. I currently have 75 points ( 25 Age - 20 Superior English - 30 Vetassess as Construction Project Manager), and I'm intending to apply for NSW 190 Visa. The questions are: 1- Will the above points be enough to apply with 80 Points...
  12. R

    190 and 491 Invitations

    Hello All, I did 2 EOI, one for 190 visa on 26th November and other one is for 491 visa on 6th December but I haven’t received any invitation. Is there any one who got the invites and if yes then on which occupation and how many points? Thanks
  13. B

    General 491 Invitation round points December

    Hi! I saw the invitation round results for December are out, but for the 491 Visa they only released the "Family Sponsor" option. How can I know where the cut is for the State Nomination ones? thank you!
  14. B

    Study Requirement 491

    Hi guys! There is one thing I don't find any clear from the Immigration website. To meet the Study requirement and also the Study in Regional, does the study have to be related to the position applying? Can I study Business or Logistics for example in a regional are, if applying for an...
  15. helpseeker94

    Rules trying to understand 491 family sponsorship visa

    Hi, I just need some information regarding 491 family sponsor visa. I have received a family sponsor visa through my relative who lives in Canberra and I have few questions before accepting this invitation. Can someone please answer them for me 1- when I get my visa approved, do I need to lock...
  16. R

    SA South Australia High Points Nomination 491 Subclass

    Hello Everyone, I have a doubt regd. High points nomination for South Australia. My ANSZCO Code is 233512 (Mechanical Engineer) with 75 + 15 points for 491 Subclass. In the recently updated South Australian occupation list, my occupation is listed in state nominated list with special criteria...
  17. S

    Info Regarding 491 visa

    Hi all , Could someone please tell does Northern Territory require job offer as per requirement for 491 visa? This is for my wife. I am an offshore applicant, done vetassess assessment under pharmacy tech. which is under STSOL. Does it require job offer in order to apply. 491 visa and NT are the...
  18. arungr91

    491 Relative Sponsored Visa-Flexibility in switching between regions

    Dear Friends, I have an eligible relative who can sponsor me under the 491 visa. He is settled at Queensland(regional area). If I choose this option and reach Australia, can I switch the region if job hunting is difficult there? (shifting to another regional area). Or do I need to stick on to...