1. Omzzzz

    WA 500

    Dear Guys, I hope everyone is enjoying good health. I have a very complex issue which I am fail to understand despite visiting numerous agents. I arrived here in Australia iN Feb 2020 on a CRICOS Registered one year Master programme. My Master Programme was a 2 year master Programme I was...
  2. Suenguyen

    Problem in change from student visa to 485 visa

    Hi everyone, I currently hold student visa subclass 500 but I finished the study and now I am changing to 485 visa post-study workstream. However, I am struggling in Part F-employment when filling out form 80. I am not sure what information can I fill, because I am a full time student and I also...
  3. X

    [500 Student Visa] How many months before my course starts can I apply for my student visa? 3 months? 4 months? 5 months?

    I want to apply for my student visa now because I just want to get it over and done with because visa applications give me anxiety. But my course starts in March, which is 6 months away. I think my genuineness might come into question if I apply right now - 6 months early. So when is the...
  4. L

    Australia About Student Visa

    I have applied for the student visa 500 including my husband as a dependent on 9th August 2019. Still, the application status shows as received. I have uploaded all the necessary documents. But the confirmation button of providing all supporting documents is unavailable right now which is...
  5. C

    2019-2020 s57 natural justice letter (500 student visa)

    Hi, I lodged a student visa application in July for my Master studies in Australia. I got a natural justice letter from my CO last week. In the letter, it says: I answered "No" to the question "Have you had a visa that's been cancelled or refused?" But in their system showed that in 2011, I had...