60 points

  1. R

    189 190 for 65 points concerns

    When the base point was 60 for lodging the PR application ,People with 65 points were getting the invitation and it was like 60 pointers had a less comfort zone .Since the points for EOI has been raised from 60 to 65 is it going to be the same case that only 70 pointers are going to get a invite...
  2. M

    Actuary needs help

    I want to immigrate as an actuary. 28 years old = 30 points Master + 2 years in AU= 15 +5 points English TOEFL 10 points Total 60 points Some agent told me that 60 is too low for actuary. Is this true? Any idea or suggestions?
  3. S

    sub class 190 EOI waiting for invitation

    Dear friends , I submitted my EOI on 9 july with 60 points in any state for 190 sub class as software engineer Still not get invitation..Any idea or news how the selection is done..