65 points

  1. Garry567

    ACS Bachelor degree assessed without experience

    Hi there, I have done my bachelor degree in computer application overseas and looking for assess my degree for point base system as I don’t have work experience but I will get after three months where I was confused should I need to assess Australia work experience or I can assess my degree...
  2. dhruvvsst

    Painting trade 65 points

    in May 2018 - I have lodge EOI 189 for Painting trade in Victoria and I dont know How long I have to wait for to get response.. I just got to know that I can lodge 190 for NSW too ( 65 points ) .. can I do it...? and if yes.... Can I Lodge with same skill-select account of EOI 189 account...
  3. R

    was There any movement in 65 pointers

    Congrats to all who received invitation yesterday !! Was there any movement in 65 pointers . Please do reply
  4. R

    189 190 for 65 points concerns

    When the base point was 60 for lodging the PR application ,People with 65 points were getting the invitation and it was like 60 pointers had a less comfort zone .Since the points for EOI has been raised from 60 to 65 is it going to be the same case that only 70 pointers are going to get a invite...
  5. A

    ACS 100% NON ICT education, will I get Positive Skill Assesment?

    I have already submitted my EOI with 65 points where my wife is primary applicant. Now I want to get additional 5 points for partner skill. I am not sure whether I am eligible or not. If someone faced same issue, please guide me. Below are my details. Education - Bachelor in Commerce (100% NON...
  6. A

    How soon I will get invitation with 65 Points

    I have submitted EOI under Production and Plant engineer (233513) on 16th Jan.2018 with 65 Points. As I can check last invitation round was on 3rd Jan, 2018 and visa date of effect was 2nd Jan 2018. So my question is How soon I will get invitation with 65 Points Visa date of effect 2nd...