1. nosepicker

    Subclass 887 Police Clearance Validity - 887

    Hello guys, Soon my partner and I will be eligible to apply for the visa 887. Our only question/doubt is regarding the validity of police certificates. According to the link below, we do not need a new police certificate if we have not left the country...
  2. PGs

    Info 489 to 887 Visa Conditions for second applicant

    Hi, I've a question regarding the Visa condition for 887 visa which is as below "Work and residence documents You must provide proof that you have lived for a total of at least 2 years, and worked full-time (minimum 35 hours a week) for at least 12 months as the holder of an eligible visa in...
  3. aakyl4ever

    Singapore PCC (CoC) for 887 application.

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to apply for my (PR) 887 visa after a few months. As a requirement, I might need to apply CoC from Singapore (Singapore PCC) as I have lived for exactly 365 days. Appreciate if you could help me with answers I am looking for, 1) I have lived and worked for exactly 1...
  4. M

    489 to 887 Queries

    I have few questions related 887 visa, it might be bit weird to you. If any one can give me good response I will be really helpful. I looked online about it found nothing satisfactory. So I have mentioned all my question here, if I have the answer this tread might be really helpful for the next...
  5. S

    Full time work for 887 skilled migration

    Hi MysticRiver, I will soon be applying for 887 visa application,I am currently on 496.I just wanted to ask as a main applicant ,do I have to do IELTS again to show my English proficiency or just show my old IELTS certificate(which is now expired) and does my spouse have to do IELTS as well.She...