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  1. N

    CPA Accountant Assessment Requirements

    Dear All, I was trying to gain 10 points in the EOI submission on the account of partner skills. But my partner has PTE score only below 65. As I understand, CPA, IPA and CA ANZ are the assessment authorities and they require PTE score 65 as a minimum for the assessment. is my understanding...
  2. S

    CPA Skill Assessment - Work Experience Question

    Hi everyone, I am on a 485 visa at the moment and have been working as an accountant for last 18 months. I had got a positive skill assessment from CPA - but at the time I had only shown my education and no work experience. My employer is willing to sponsor me for a 482 visa and I understand...
  3. S

    Other ANZCO 221111 accountant assessment

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and I need help for my skill assessment. Currently I am working as Accountant and I have completed my Bcom and MBA and have 6+ yrs exp. What is the skill assessment body for the 221111 accountant ? Can someone share me the sample Roles and Responsibilities...
  4. T

    189 invitation for Accountant and Auditor

    Hi all, I have got 75 point at the moment and will have additional 5 points after I complete my professional year program in about 8 months. I am an accountant graduate from sydney. Will i get invitation if i lodge visa application with 75 points? Or 80 points? Any one getting invitation from 75...
  5. R

    General General Accountant or External Auditor? (Subclass 190)

    Hi everyone, I want your help in the decision as which category I should apply in - General Accountant or External Auditor. My point break-up is as follows; Age: 31 years (30 points) - will be turning 33 years old in December 2019 PTE-A: R-90, S-90, L-82, W-79 (20 points) Education: 15 points...
  6. A


    Hello Forum, Greetings. It's music to my ears to see people getting their visa granted after the long wait.Congratulations guys. I had deposited my and my partner's visa fees on 5th January 2017 for visa 189 under accountant (general) after receiving the invitation in December 2017.Since then...
  7. A

    any accounting 189 waiting out there?

    Any accounting 189 (who already lodged application) waiting out there? How long you guys have been waiting for (after you lodged your application)?
  8. Y

    TAS State Nomination 190 for Accountant

    Hi, can anyone who is recently moving to Tasmania provide me some information, whether an applicant can apply for state sponsorship for Accountant/ External Auditor in Tasmania after study there for 2 years, please? I've been visited so many immigration agents. But they told me different...
  9. Etienne

    ICAA Rejected Experience

    Hi, Besides for ICAA and CPA, what other assessment place can assess my wife's Experience for Accountant (General)? ICAA approved her degree but not her experience, we want to get an agent to help us with the employment letters this time around. Etienne
  10. D

    CPA Foreign Work Experience - DIBP Assessment

    Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie here and want to hear about your comments and suggestions. I want to claim 5 points for overseas work experiences. I have been working as a remote accountant (coming to the office in about 2-3 months in a year) for the past 3 years. Furthermore, the skilled employment...