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  1. M

    Skill assessment for 482 and 186 for software engineering

    Hey guys, I hope everyone is well. I graduated in 2017 in a bachelors in mechanical engineering but have worked in IT space from then to date ( 5 years). I have most recently secured a software engineering job offer in Australia on a 476 visa which is valid for 2 years I have an employer who...
  2. sunilsingh2019

    ACS ACS Skills assessment

    Hey Guys, Few days ago I have got skills assessment unsuitable due to not recognised my overseas diploma degree. But my year of experience still counted that is 8 years, that experience is counted from 2012 to 2022. But I also worked from 2008 to 2012 for another company that I haven’t included...
  3. sabyhq13

    Info Information update regarding ACS - is it true, please confirm?

    Hi all, I got this forward from a source and the person doesn't have the website link for this. Can anybody confirm if this is true & the source of this news? It mentions some changes for ACS evaluation (Upcoming for December 2021) Please do shed some light if anyone has any information. Thank...
  4. P

    ACS different company name in reference letter & form16

    Hi all, While applying for ACS, do we need to submit any document incase my employer is acquired by another company. example : I was employed in company ABC from 2010-2012. XYZ is the subsidiary company of ABC and ABC has spun off its services into XYZ in 2015. Now, I have Form 16, Pay...
  5. P

    ACS Form16 and Payslips are not available for few years

    Hi , I'm new here... I'm a software engineer since 2010 till date, planning to apply for ACS and started collecting documents. I noticed, form16 & payslips are not available for 2010, 2012, 2014 financial years. I have the bank statements, but the employer's name is not fully visible in it. I...
  6. L

    ACS How to include current experience in skill assessment for Australia?

    Hi, I am new to the immigration process. I have read the guidelines for skill assessment. I have relevant document for previous roles. I am working in the current organization for 6 years. The description of duties preformed will be provided only while leaving the organization. How to include my...
  7. R

    ACS ACS Skills Assessment for Post Australian Study.

    Hi guys, I have a question and any help would be appreciated. I had applied for my Post Australian study skills assessment under the ANZSCO Code 263111 ( Computer Network Engineer). These are the documents I submitted: 1) Passport 2) Monash University letter of completion and transcripts 3)...
  8. Gur991

    Guide Can an application support engineer apply for any visa except student visa in australia

    Hello, i have 4 years of experience as a application support engineer and production support engineer in IT. I want to know in what category of skill set my designation fall? Or what wht code can i use while appling for assessment? Do they check designation or roles and responsibilities?
  9. N

    ACS ACS payslips and bank statements certified copies?

    Hello, My old ACS skill assessment is about to expire so I am applying for new skill assessment with new guidelines. I just have some questions which are as below. Do we have to scan the coloured documents and need certified copies of each things(each salary slip and bank statement page)? or...
  10. V

    ACS There is no 'Till Date' option in 'End Date' field of employment experience in ACS Skills Assessment application!

    There is no 'Till Date' option in the 'End Date' field of work experience in ACS skills assessment. Does it mean that I cannot apply my current work experience which I am working now in Australia? I came here and done my Masters of IT and just got a job in IT field (Associate Consultant - IT...
  11. sarao07

    ACS Confusion about my work experience will be assessed by acs or not?

    Hi Guys i did my bachelor in IT from india and worked there for 2 and half year as web developer and then i moved to Australia completed my Masters in IT and working as web developer completed 8 months . Can anyone recommend me about acs assessment would acs assess my work experience . Can i get...
  12. K

    ACS Question from a friend: Will ACS reject his skill assessment application if he did not upload payment evidence?

    He only uploaded certificate of employment with job description and salary. Thanks.
  13. C

    ACS Experience not assessable due to insufficient documentation

    Hello all. Can you please suggest to me in my case? In my current company, I have worked as a self-employed for about a year(on ABN). After that, they have hired me as a normal employee (TFN). The documents I have provided was: - Employment letter containing all descriptions from my duties...
  14. L

    ACS Am I eligible for applying for Post Australian Study Skills Assessment?

    Hi All, I would like to make sure one thing as ACS criteria gives me a confusion. I have graduated from Australian uni back in 2015 having ICT major (261312), and I have a post-qualification work experience for about 3 years from Feb in 2017 to current. Am I still eligible for Post...
  15. K

    ACS Proof of Employment as a company owner

    I haven't come across anything on the internet about the issue and posting it here, hopefully can get useful info about it. My question is can you submit a proof of employment letter about yourself regarding as yourself. As an example saying, as the owner of the company I'm working full time as...
  16. S

    ACS Supporting Documents for Statutory Declaration or Affidavit

    I am planning to file ACS reassessment. Recently In the online application, they have changed the rules and now they ask for additional details for Statutory Declaration or Affidavit by the work colleague. Employment certificate/statement of service OR Leaving certificate if no longer working...
  17. LondonJapanAus

    Submitting ACS with 10 years relevant experience, but no recognised degree.

    I've seen varying question on the topic of peoples degree not being considered, but I have the following scenario: No formal bachelors degree or anything that would award points except an A level from the UK (I don't think these are considered), began working at 17 in relevant IT background...
  18. W

    ACS Need help in assessing my experience due to change in ANZSCO Computer networks to System Analyst

    Hi all, Hope you are doing good. I need your assistance regarding my ACS assessment. I will try to explain my case to you; My Education and Employment history Bachelors in Computer Science (Pakistan) Ms in Professional Computing - (AUS) Professional Year - 1 year and 4 months experience in IT...
  19. Hasan.gharaibeh

    ACS What can I do If my previous overseas company shut down?

    Hi, I want to maintain two years from my previous company, it's been down and I have no idea what and how to do this. I can contact my friends but how can I maintain the experience and payslips salaries.
  20. M

    ACS Doubts on 'Roles & Responsibilities' document's content for Software Engineer 261313 for ACS

    Hi folks, I am preparing the Roles & Responsibilities document to send to ACS for all the companies I have worked with. I am at a loss regarding till what level it should be detailed? I do understand that it should match with the sample R&R document ACS provides for 261313 (Software Engineer)...