acs assessment

  1. Mdhabeeb

    ACS Skill Assessment Self Employed Format

    hi guys, hope everyone is fine, i have few doubts and Questions 1) I need a format to make letterhead for Roles & Responsibilities(Computer Networks and desktop support engineer) 2) I need help to collect documents/Make Letterhead like I was self-employed in India, so how many references of...
  2. G

    ACS ACS : Job experience during bachelor degree

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing fine. I am about to apply for ACS Skill Assessment , below mention is my profile and few queries which i need to clarify before applying Kindly please clarify it , thanks in advance. Profile : Bachelor of Engineering ( Computer Science ) - ICT Major - Passing...
  3. S

    ACS ACS assessment for Self-employment period

    Hello friends, I have a question regarding justifying a period of Self-employment/Entrepreneurship as part of my ACS assessment under ICT-BA (ANZSCO 261111). I was developing a platform for e-commerce companies and Flipkart and Amazon were my clients. According to my immigration consultant, a...
  4. A

    ACS Employment in own company

    Hi I have a company where I'm the CEO and I'm also a programmer. Does ACS accept my work experience as a programmer at my own company? Should I provide different documents?
  5. sarao07

    ACS Confusion about my work experience will be assessed by acs or not?

    Hi Guys i did my bachelor in IT from india and worked there for 2 and half year as web developer and then i moved to Australia completed my Masters in IT and working as web developer completed 8 months . Can anyone recommend me about acs assessment would acs assess my work experience . Can i get...
  6. N

    ACS Skill assessment after PY ? confused

    If completion of PY in itself is enough for getting our skills assessed through ACS or do we have to apply for skills assessment separately? How long does it take to get skills assessed after PY completion?
  7. K

    ACS Question from a friend: Will ACS reject his skill assessment application if he did not upload payment evidence?

    He only uploaded certificate of employment with job description and salary. Thanks.
  8. P

    ACS ACS Skill and Education Assessment

    Hey everyone, I'm planning to do masters in data science from Western Sydney University and need your help on following questions. 1) Master of data science degree is not accredited by ACS. Does't it make any difference in PR process i.e. Education assessment by ACS? 2) How do I know before...
  9. S

    ACS I have completed my ACS assessment last year on 05th September 2019. My overseas experience (outside Australia) was calculated as 4 years 11 months. N

    I have completed my ACS assessment last year on 05th September 2019. My overseas experience (outside Australia) was calculated as 4 years 11 months. Now, I have completed more than 4 months in India which would exceed 5 years. This will result in additional 5 points as 10 points are rewarded for...
  10. C

    ACS Experience not assessable due to insufficient documentation

    Hello all. Can you please suggest to me in my case? In my current company, I have worked as a self-employed for about a year(on ABN). After that, they have hired me as a normal employee (TFN). The documents I have provided was: - Employment letter containing all descriptions from my duties...
  11. B

    ACS Skill Assessment for Salesforce Professional

    Hello! I am exploring options to immigrate to Australia and need your help in some of the questions I've regarding the Skill assessment. I've a masters in Microbiology, and I've been working as Salesforce Administrator from past 7 years. I am a Certified Salesforce professional. My question is...
  12. M

    ACS ACS skill assessment payment evidence

    Hi All, Please clarify the requirement on payment evidence. How many months of payslips and bank statement should we submit ? My bank statement include the salary deposit transaction as "Salary" without the company name. Is it acceptable ? Is it a must to have the company name mentioned in the...
  13. pradeepl

    ACS Skill Assessment

    Hi, I have completed my Masters of Business ( ERPs) from Sydney. ICT Business Analyst and ICT System Analyst are ONLY TWO occupations that I can assess from my degree. I have Non ICT Bachelor degree from overseas ( BBM - International Business). I am working as IT Support Analyst for...
  14. R

    ACS Pay slip

    Can some one pls suggest, i have total of 8 yrs of exp as BA but i was taking sal slip in cash for the 1st company, i have pay slips and salary break down structure only. But I dont have bank statement or official tax records as the annual package was less than taxation slab. So will ACS accept...
  15. H

    ACS Can we make 2 different accounts for acs assesment?

    Hello Friends, Can I use two different accounts for filing acs assessment ? Concern: In my last assessment they didn't access my work, so I want a letter without my experience mentioned on that. I've tried by emailing them, lodging a review/Appeal to ignore my experience and generate a...
  16. Arunabh

    ACS Statutory declarations for ACS assessment

    I am preparing my documents for ACS. I have total 4 employers and have got work experience letters from the first two of them. But for the other two employers I have got statutory declarations from my colleagues and one of them includes my current employer. ACS says that they need letter from...
  17. saiprasad_reddy

    ACS I need help in ACS Skills Assessment

    I am sai and i finished my “Masters in information Systems” and my subjects are as follows: App Development for Mobile Platforms Business Process Management .Mobile Web Apps Managing Human Resource Knowledge Audits for business Analysis Business Intelligence using BIG DATA Responsive web Design...
  18. D

    ACS Are Bank Statements absolutely necessary for skills assessment for self employed?

    Hi All! I am planning to apply for a 189/190 visa and I am claiming self employment for the skills assessment as a Software Engineer. On top of my regular employment in Software support, I've been working with this one client for the past year or so developing and maintaining a software...
  19. M

    ACS Explanation will be required from your employer on official company letterhead! Rule change! How to handle?

    December 2019 ACS document has this new rule change for Statutory Declaration for cases when company refuses to provide a roles and responsibilities letter: “An explanation will be required from your employer on official company letterhead as to why an employment reference letter cannot be...
  20. U

    ACS ACS skills assessment query

    Hello, ACS assessed my qualification as Engineering degree with minor in computing and 6 years of relevant IT experience, but deducted those years since my degree only has a minor in computing. I recently came to know vendor certifications are assessed. If I complete a certification now,will...