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  1. S

    ACS ACS skill assessment

    hi, I wish to be assessed nuder the ANZSCO code 263111 As per the latest ACS guideline (updated in December 2019), My skill level requirement met date will be in November 2008. After this date, I have, 1 year + 8 months of experience (until July 2010) After that, I followed a Degree for two...
  2. N

    ACS RPL reject result confusion

    Hello, My result come today and unfortunately, it was negative, but they give me 60 days to appeal. I understand the problem is about my RPL but I don't understand how and where because first it says on top: "The detail supplied in the ACS Project Report for the RPL application is insufficient...
  3. S

    Info ACS skill assessment - service letters

    Is it mandatory to mention the designation I hold in the service letters ? I wish to apply under the ANZSCO code 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer) I can obtain the service letter that covers the roles and responsibilities required for 263111 as I'm currently practicing them but...
  4. N

    Subclass 190 SkillSelect Notification - EOI

    Hi @MysticRiver @mohsinciddiki and others, With the below notification updated on SkillSelect a few days ago, had a query regarding EOI submission, and would be great if someone can clarify. Does the below note entitle to submit EOI for any code under the ANZSCO Unit group? Essentially, can I...
  5. Nafis_Arefin

    ACS ACS Associate degree: not satisfied

    Hello, We have received ACS result today. They have assessed our 4 years Bachelor of Science in Computer Science as AQF Associate degree. We are planning to review it for getting AQF Bachelor degree. Can you please suggest what additional documents to add and is there any chance of success? Thanks.
  6. G

    ACS Negative ACS Result - Please help me to understand

    Hi folks, I just got my ACS skill assessment result and it is as below. I am super tensed and confused. Can anyone please help me to understand this? 1) The following qualifications do not meet the ACS suitability criteria: - But they assessed by Bachelors as a Major and Masters (from...
  7. A

    ACS Acs skill assessment confusion

    Hi All, I have bachelor degree in electronics n telecommunications from India. Then 2.1 years of work experience in India. Then masters of IT in Australia. I don't want to apply EOI but just want to do skill assessment. I wanted to know if I can get a positive skill assessment with the above...
  8. F

    ACS Confusion with skill assessment deducted years

    Hi, I graduated from civil engineering (5 years - non IT) with work experience as: - 6 years as software developer [2009 to 2014]. - 6 years as ICT project manager [2015 to date]. I'm targeting to go though the RPL process for ANZSCO 135112 ICT project manager. My question is will they deduct...
  9. Y

    ACS Studied Master degree (FY 2006 to 2008) but completed in 2011 due to backlogs but started working from 2008 how acs handle this

    I have BCom degree which was completed in 2006 later I have studied Master in Computer Management where course was for 2 years (2006 to 2008) but due to backlogs i have completed in 2011. But I have started working in IT company in 2008 itself. So i just have below questions. 1. How will acs...
  10. Nafis_Arefin

    ACS Regarding no name of employer in bank statement

    Hello, We have received the following mail from ACS regarding no name of employer in bank statement. We have already added letter of authentication from both Bank and Employer regarding this. What to add now in this case? (I have added solid payslips of all months (From Bangladesh) Thank you...
  11. A

    ACS Software Engineer Skills assesment for Embedded Software Engineer

    Hi all, I did a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in electrical engineering at QUT and have a positive skills assesment from EA for electronics engineering. I only studied few software related subjects. I have nearly 3 years of Australian work experience. I was offered the job mainly to carry...
  12. A

    ACS Software Product Manager

    Hello Everyone, I am Software Engineer and currently working as a Product Manager role in a reputable software house. I also do development for my products, test and release them. I am going to apply for the ACS skill assessment and want to be assessed by the Software Engineer category code...
  13. Mansi Patel

    ACS Is it compulsory to do professional year to assess my Master of IT degree (which i am doing in australia) or not for my case??

    I have completed bachelor's IT degree (computer engineering) in India and having 4 years of relevant experience as software engineer. I am currently studying in australia (Master of IT). I am aiming to do ACS skill assessment under Software engineer. Is it compulsory to do professional year to...
  14. L

    ACS Post skill level requirement met date, work experience while studying a non ICT course in Australia

    Hello, I have already met the skill requirement date. Completed 3 years ICT Major bachelors then worked for 2 years, and I have met the skill level requirement date. Then I moved to Australia to study a non-ICT course, and I am working an ICT job[20hrs/week] which is closely related to the...
  15. L

    ACS Can a banker witness ACS self written Statutory Declaration in Australia

    Hello, Can a bank officer witness a self written statutory declaration in Australia for ACS skills assessment as self employed.?
  16. L

    ACS Self employed checklist or required documents

    Hello, Official Skills Assessment Guideline for self employed: 1. Is supplementary evidence mandatory? 2. If yes, Then do we need to submit all the evidence asked like "contracts with clients or suppliers, client testimonials, evidence of projects completed" 3. or only anyone of the evidence...
  17. S

    ACS Onshore experience points

    Hello Everyone, I got my ACS result last month, my work experience is from 2007 till date which also includes 20 months of work experience from Australia but ACS has considered my work exp from March 2011 (deducted 4 yrs) and onshore experience(more than 1 year) but it is showing 5 months only...
  18. Anam

    ACS Is it possible to assess my work experience in 2 ANZSCO (System Administrator) and (Computer Network and System Engineer)?

    Hi, Is it possible to assess my work experience in 2 ANZSCO code, if my roles and responsibilities include of both positions and my employer mentions it in the reference letter? System Administrator (262113) Computer Network and System Engineer (263111) I got positive skill assessment for...
  19. S

    ACS Is ACS assessment better with Australian ICT Degree?

    Hi everyone, I hope you are well and I hope someone can help me with my query. I have finished preparing all my documents and wanting to apply for ACS assessment under Systems Analyst Here's my background - Diploma - non ICT did in 2005 Job experience (International) - 2004 to 2017 (10+years)...
  20. D

    ACS ACS Skill level met confusion. Need Guidance

    Hello All, I am planning to apply for Sub 189/190 and now in the process to file for my ACS under ICT Security Specialist. I have completed my majors in Computer Systems Security from the UK in 2010. After that, I got a job in March 2012 in India in the cybersecurity field. Till date I have...