acs assessment

  1. gitaahuja

    ACS Statuary Declaration for Experience proof for ACS

    Hi All, I have submitted my application for ACS assessment and one of my experience did not get assessed due to insufficient documents. I have received a response from them asking for "Explanation/confirmation from the employer as to why an employment reference letter cannot be obtained" from...
  2. R

    ACS ACS statutory declaration when different manager in same company

    I worked 8 months on 1 project and 2 years on other project having different managers under same company. Can I get Statutory declaration filled by my current manager who is working in a same company under whom i worked for 2 years.
  3. Nitish_m

    Claiming concurrent employments in EOI

    Hello All, Re: Claiming concurrent employments in EOI I need suggestions regarding concurrent employment in the same time frame. I have the following work experience: Company A: 01/01/2020 to 30/11/2021 Company B: 01/10/2021 to current. Positive ACS Skill Assessment: Company A: 01/2020 to...
  4. skaul611

    Guide ACS

    Hello, I really do need an urgent help. My husband and are applying for Aus PR. Couple of days back we got ACS assessment results. They are now looking for more evidence proof of salary accounts. My husband worked for an XYZ company from 2012-2015 and their salary bank account was with...
  5. V

    ACS Date Completed in ACS Qualification

    Hi guys, I need some clarification from you all. I gave my Date completed for my Master's degree (Australian University) as last day of exam (30/06/2021) and the ACS has also assessed it as per that date. Because of the pandemic my graduation got postponed and the date mentioned in Degree is...
  6. S

    ACS 485 Post Study Skill Assessment

    Hi there, I have completed my Masters of Business Analytics in Perth and was preparing to apply for subclass 485 post-study work visa, but I am confused about the following - 1. Do I need to need to get my medicals done before applying for the visa? If yes, how do I generate HAP ID? or medical...
  7. sabyhq13

    Info Information update regarding ACS - is it true, please confirm?

    Hi all, I got this forward from a source and the person doesn't have the website link for this. Can anybody confirm if this is true & the source of this news? It mentions some changes for ACS evaluation (Upcoming for December 2021) Please do shed some light if anyone has any information. Thank...
  8. A

    ACS Bank statement for ACS payment evidence

    Hello everyone, Commbank does not provide filtered statement for more than two years back. Because of this, I have to get 6 months of statement. My question is, Statement PDF include 100+ transactions and 6 pages. Is it okay to include only the pages with salary transaction? Can I include...
  9. V

    ACS No relevant work experience but Masters and Professional Year in Australia

    Hello! Im taking a Masters in IT from an australian uni, planning to get a Temporary Graduate visa to take ACS's Professional Year program. I have 2 years of work experience as a Systems Analyst, but I specialized in Software Engineering in my bachelors and chose it as my major for my masters...
  10. N

    ACS Confusion on ACS

    Hi team, Hope everyone is doing well. I have a question on ACS assessment before I apply for renewal. I have been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in computing for Analyst programmer (261311) in the year 2017 (Nov 2017). Currently, my ACS has been expired. I have...
  11. G

    ACS ACS 1 year work experience points

    Hi, I completed my master's in July 2019, and I started my Professional year in March 2020. I also started work as a business analyst in DEC 2020. I already did my post-study skill assessment based on my masters and PY and have a positive assessment for both 26111 and 261313. Now my 1 year...
  12. N

    ACS ACS professional year certificate issue

    Hi All, I was trying to get my ACS assignment and twice my professional year certificate was rejected and been asked to submit scanned color copies. I am sure it was color scanning and confused why still getting rejected. If anybody resolve this issue please guide me thanks
  13. M

    ACS Australian Diploma and Pre-Qualification Experience

    Hello everyone, this is my scenario. 1. Have 5 years of pre-qualification experience as a Web Administrator (2015-2019) in Germany. 2. Have completed a Diploma of IT from the University of Canberra (2019-2020) 3. No job after the completion of the diploma. I wish to do a skill assessment...
  14. G

    ACS Digital Design applying for multimedia specialist 186 DE

    Hi, I have an Australian degree - Bachelor of Arts major in digital design and graphic design. I am currently under 482 TSS visa. My occupation as listed in my current TSS visa is Multimedia Specialist. I am thinking of applying ACS for 186 Direct Entry. Will my education background which is...
  15. S

    ACS ACS skill assessment

    hi, I wish to be assessed nuder the ANZSCO code 263111 As per the latest ACS guideline (updated in December 2019), My skill level requirement met date will be in November 2008. After this date, I have, 1 year + 8 months of experience (until July 2010) After that, I followed a Degree for two...
  16. N

    ACS RPL reject result confusion

    Hello, My result come today and unfortunately, it was negative, but they give me 60 days to appeal. I understand the problem is about my RPL but I don't understand how and where because first it says on top: "The detail supplied in the ACS Project Report for the RPL application is insufficient...
  17. S

    Info ACS skill assessment - service letters

    Is it mandatory to mention the designation I hold in the service letters ? I wish to apply under the ANZSCO code 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer) I can obtain the service letter that covers the roles and responsibilities required for 263111 as I'm currently practicing them but...
  18. N

    Subclass 190 SkillSelect Notification - EOI

    Hi @MysticRiver @mohsinciddiki and others, With the below notification updated on SkillSelect a few days ago, had a query regarding EOI submission, and would be great if someone can clarify. Does the below note entitle to submit EOI for any code under the ANZSCO Unit group? Essentially, can I...
  19. Nafis_Arefin

    ACS ACS Associate degree: not satisfied

    Hello, We have received ACS result today. They have assessed our 4 years Bachelor of Science in Computer Science as AQF Associate degree. We are planning to review it for getting AQF Bachelor degree. Can you please suggest what additional documents to add and is there any chance of success? Thanks.
  20. G

    ACS Negative ACS Result - Please help me to understand

    Hi folks, I just got my ACS skill assessment result and it is as below. I am super tensed and confused. Can anyone please help me to understand this? 1) The following qualifications do not meet the ACS suitability criteria: - But they assessed by Bachelors as a Major and Masters (from...