acs evidence

  1. M

    ACS Seeking Guidance to Enhance ACS Assessment Documentation for 5 Years of Experience Claim

    I am a graduate of BS Computer Science from Pakistan, completing my degree in June 2015. I possess the following work experience: In Job1, Job2, and Job3, taxes were not applicable. However, I have diligently reported my income details to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) since my first...
  2. artixmaze

    ACS Regarding Bachelors degree duration confusion in ACS

    Hi Team, I recently got ACS assessment, and my Bachelors is showing as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in computing. But the issue is that my degree is from a UK university having studied in university approved offshore campus and that was only 2 years duration and I did Bsc...
  3. R

    ACS Skills and degree ACS assessment

    Hi All, I have some queries 1. My skills as a software engineer for migration has been assessed to be unsuitable. I am working in an industry as a software developer since last 1.8 year .I completed my degree on 29th July 2021 and applied for skill assessment on 1st August 2022, so I could...
  4. sabyhq13

    Info Information update regarding ACS - is it true, please confirm?

    Hi all, I got this forward from a source and the person doesn't have the website link for this. Can anybody confirm if this is true & the source of this news? It mentions some changes for ACS evaluation (Upcoming for December 2021) Please do shed some light if anyone has any information. Thank...
  5. Nafis_Arefin

    ACS Regarding no name of employer in bank statement

    Hello, We have received the following mail from ACS regarding no name of employer in bank statement. We have already added letter of authentication from both Bank and Employer regarding this. What to add now in this case? (I have added solid payslips of all months (From Bangladesh) Thank you...
  6. N

    ACS ACS payment evidence - Old employee cant give me copies of my payslips

    Hey there, I have worked at 2 companies over the past 7 years and have managed to download my payslips and bank statements for my most recent job. My previous job though the wage slips were paper ones which I threw away at the time. I am able to get my bank statements which is fine. I also...