acs experience calcuation

  1. B

    Other ACS Experience Vs SkillSelect Experience - With Break.

    Hi All, I work in IT industry since 2006. I had a break of 3 yrs from 2018-2021 due to personal reasons. When I applied for ACS assessment, they deducted 4 years from my overall experience and they said work experience post 2010 would be considered. So as per my understanding, my overall...
  2. Anam

    ACS Is it possible to assess my work experience in 2 ANZSCO (System Administrator) and (Computer Network and System Engineer)?

    Hi, Is it possible to assess my work experience in 2 ANZSCO code, if my roles and responsibilities include of both positions and my employer mentions it in the reference letter? System Administrator (262113) Computer Network and System Engineer (263111) I got positive skill assessment for...
  3. D

    ACS Experience deduction in RPL

    Hi, I have 8 years of experience in IT with no territorial qualification. I am planning to take a RPL skill assessment since I have only work experience. So, will 6 years of my experience be deducted by default? If yes that leave me with less than 3 years leading to 0 points for work experience...
  4. A

    ACS Business Analyst Experience and New Zealand Citizen getting Australian PR

    Hi Friends, My husband is NZ citizen and living in Australia. I am an Indian passport holder and in Australia on subclass 461(New Zealand Citizen Family Visa). I am little confused that what we should do for Australia PR? Should we wait for 4 years when my husband becomes eligible for applying...
  5. atifiqbal1985

    Documents upload for deducted experience by ACS??

    Hi, I am expecting invite in the upcoming round, and therefore, I have started preparing the documents for submission. ACS deducted my 5 years of experience from total 11 years of experience, and considered the remaining 6 years as relevant. While uploading documents for visa application, do...
  6. E

    ACS ACS re assesment

    Dears i want to sumbit again my assessment for ACS, as this time I will be attaching my old work experience for total 6 years. it was not submitted initially as the company was closed, now i have found the employee for declaration it would work fine?
  7. manan.kapoor88

    ACS Need 10 points from ACS skill assessment- 8.2 years experience

    Hi All, I have started with the immigration process for Australia. Firstly, I started with ACS skill assessment as it seems it is very time consuming. I have total 8.2 years of experience divide as follows: Educ - B.Tech (computer science and engineering) 4 years 1) 1st Company - Joined as...
  8. aus91

    ACS Will ACS deduct the entire month if I did not work in that month for more than 2 days?

    Is it true that ACS will deduct the entire month if I did not work in that month for more than 2 days? For instance, if I joined a company on June 17, will the remaining days of this month not be considered under relavant experience and same will be counted from July onwards? Does the same apply...
  9. aus91

    ACS Can I can claim points for the work experience after ACS evaluation gets completed?

    I would like to know if I can claim points for the work experience after the evaluation gets completed. For instance, if the evaluation gets completed on Sep 2018, and I continue to work in the same employment, in the same organization, can I claim points for the experience gained in say, Oct...
  10. R

    ACS educational qualification and experience calculation

    Hi There, I have below few questions so want to clarify for job code software engineer... 1) I have Bcom degree and MCA - will I get 15 points ? 2) i started job from 19th July 2004 until now however i have total 50days of gap while changing jobs.. so its still consider 14years experience or...
  11. J

    ACS Query regarding ACS (employement & education) assesment

    I need clarification about my employment & Education assessment. I have overall 7+yrs of experience in Windows\Vmware\Cloud\Network administration. I worked in 5 different companies and below is the duration I was with each of them. Company A: 2 yrs 7 months Company B: 1 year 11 months...
  12. R

    Subclass 189 Experience Deduction during ACS assessment for ICT Minor

    Dear Admin, I have a ICT Minor (Graduated in Mechanical Engineering), post which have been in IT for approx 15.5 years now. I have held various roles from a Trainee to software developer to Senior Project Manager / Business Analyst. All the experience has been with the same IT company. I am...