acs expiry after visa lodgement

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    ACS Clarification needed for Assessment Expiry date

    Hi guys, Hope everyone doing well. I need a clarification regarding re-skill assessment. I am waiting for the invite since Aug 20th with 70/75 for 189/190 under 2613 (Software Engineering category). I will be getting 5 more points on Feb 1st which takes my points to 75/80 for 189/190 (NSW/VIC)...
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    Skill Assessment ACS Expiry after the fee payment and Visa Lodgement (189)

    Hi Team, I have paid the fee and lodged my Visa(189), but my ACS result will be getting expired in the next week, can anyone help me to know whether I need to reapply for ACS or my old ACS report still holds good.( ANZ : 261312). Thanks in advance. Regards, Hari