acs reassessment

  1. A

    ACS Reassessment from ANZSCO code 1 to ANZSCO code 2

    Hi All, I was assessed in one of ANZSCO code last year September but I want reassess myself for other ANZSCO code. Can anyone please help out with the process? Do I need to submit all documents again or only resume update will be suffice?
  2. B

    ACS Query related to my ACS calculation.

    I have a query related to my ACS calculation. Qualification Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (that means ICT Major) Overseas experience (9 months + 1 Year 6 Month + 8 Years 1 Month) Onsite Experience (1 Year 8 Months) (Australia) Total = 10 Year 4 months (Offshore) + 1 Year...
  3. P

    ACS Deduction of 4 years of experience from overall 10.5 years

    @MysticRiver My profile has been evaluated by ACS and they deducted 4 years of experience. AZESCO code is 263111 and I have completed engineering in Electronics and Communication and have been assessed as Major degree in computing. Can you please guide me 2 things- 1. What's the exact...
  4. jaspal29

    ACS Query regarding ACS assessment

    Hi Admin/All I have applied under 189 skill migration programme under 263111 code and currently, I am having 65 points(30 age+ 15 qualification+10 English proficiency+5 experience+ 5 spouse point). Additionally, I'll be getting 5 extra points as I am going to complete 5 years of relevant...
  5. A

    Apply for Reassessment from ACS

    Dear All, I applied for ACS in April 2017 and got assessed for ICT Business Analyst. Result letter dated 12-May-2017 states that my experience after June 2009 is equated as skilled level. This leaves me with 7 years and 10 months and not 8 years. I want the 15 points for work experience which...