acs reference letter

  1. P

    ACS different company name in reference letter & form16

    Hi all, While applying for ACS, do we need to submit any document incase my employer is acquired by another company. example : I was employed in company ABC from 2010-2012. XYZ is the subsidiary company of ABC and ABC has spun off its services into XYZ in 2015. Now, I have Form 16, Pay...
  2. G

    ACS Doubt about sentence in Employment letter

    Hi, I asked via e-mail one of my old employers an employment reference letter because I needed it for a skills assessment (prior to a visa application). The employer sent me the employment reference letter in the expected format (it includes all the information listed in ACS guidelines...
  3. M

    ACS Self-declaration allowed for ACS evaluation?

    Hi @MysticRiver and others, One of my ex-employers is not giving experience letter, and I am not able to get statutory declaration (affidavit) either from my reporting manager. Kindly let me know if "Self-declaration" will be valid for ACS evaluation purpose.. Thanks in advance.
  4. A

    ACS Statutory declaration for Skills Assessment in ACS

    Dear friends, I have a few doubts regarding submission of a Statutory declaration to ACS for Skills Assessment. I went through the ACS guidelines pdf ( Assessment Guidelines for Applicants V5-6 Aug 2018.pdf) and understood that if one...
  5. S

    ACS ACS - Post Australian Study Skills Assessment

    I completed my Australian degree on 06/11/2018(completion date on degree); however, I started working as a Software developer on 10/11/2017 before completing my degree. Now how ACS will count my experience? as ACS states "1 year of relevant work experience completed after the completion date of...
  6. atifiqbal1985

    Subclass 189 Incorrect email address in Reference letter!

    Hi all, I lodged my Visa few days back, and while intimating all my previous employers for possible contact for employment verification, I came to know that there was a slight mistake in the email address of my first employer. I missed a dot in the email address, which results in bouncing back...