acs skill assessment

  1. Samy1225

    ACS Digital certificate for acs assessment

    Hi All. One of my certificates (py course completion letteris a digital copy and it has a water mark stating that. Can I use that for my acs skill assessment. thank you
  2. MinMoo

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment letter states longer period of employment than what was submitted. Mistake?

    Hi, I've received skill assessment positive result recently but I believe it outlines wrong date of my employment. Here is a snippet `The following employment afer 10 December 2020 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer...
  3. R

    Subclass 190 ACS Skill Assessment expiring after Pre-Invite

    Hi I received my pre-invite for 190 visa from the Victoria. They have asked me to submit my documents and there is a statement mentioning that my english test and skill assessment need to be valid for 12 weeks. My skill assessment is going to expire within the next 2 weeks. How does this impact...
  4. Anam

    ACS I lodged 190 in 263111 with positive PY result. 1 year skill assessment for my work experience still in process with ACS, but received invitation.

    I lodged 190 in Computer Network & Engineer (263111) with my positive PY on Nov 2021. Currently working in related IT field. It was 1 year in April 2021. I applied for my Skill assessment for my work experience. However, I already received invitation today which states I have 100 points...
  5. G

    ACS Negative ACS Result - Please help me to understand

    Hi folks, I just got my ACS skill assessment result and it is as below. I am super tensed and confused. Can anyone please help me to understand this? 1) The following qualifications do not meet the ACS suitability criteria: - But they assessed by Bachelors as a Major and Masters (from...
  6. G

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment – Designation or Position Title Clarification

    Hi Experts, Hope you all are doing fine. I am about to apply for ACS skill assessment under “Multimedia Specialist - 261211”. My job roles and responsibilities match with the profile but the designation on my all reference letters is not the same. I got 10 years of experience and below are the...
  7. Mansi Patel

    ACS Is it compulsory to do professional year to assess my Master of IT degree (which i am doing in australia) or not for my case??

    I have completed bachelor's IT degree (computer engineering) in India and having 4 years of relevant experience as software engineer. I am currently studying in australia (Master of IT). I am aiming to do ACS skill assessment under Software engineer. Is it compulsory to do professional year to...
  8. Kii

    ACS Will the skill assessed from Master or Bachelor?

    After completing Bachelor degree, I had 3 years of IT experience. I did my Master in IT from Australia, and I was working in the IT field (2 years) while doing my Master's. After completing Master in IT, I am still working in the IT field. Now, I want to do my skill assessment. Will ACS...
  9. M

    ACS A ICT masters with a non ICT Bachelors

    I have a bachelor in international management and I'm planning to do a masters in the ICT stream . Either on Business Information. Systems or Business Analytics. How will the fact that that I have a bachelor from a non ICT field fair in skills assessment .Will I get my points reduced or get...
  10. K

    ACS How to apply for ACS assessment?

    Hello Team, I have completed my BE Mechanical in 2007. I am working in Software field since log. I want to file ACS. Would you please guide how can i file the ACS. I am working on 457 (261313) at Brisbane. You help is highly appreciated. Thanks Keyur
  11. F

    ACS I have total of 10.2 yrs of experience in IT support, how much experience will ACS count for 263111?

    Hi guys, i have total of 10.2 yrs of experience in IT support and going for skill assessment with 263111, want to know how much exp they will count and what are the chances. I have computers degree.