acs systems administrator nominations

  1. E

    ACS ACS re assesment

    Dears i want to sumbit again my assessment for ACS, as this time I will be attaching my old work experience for total 6 years. it was not submitted initially as the company was closed, now i have found the employee for declaration it would work fine?
  2. J

    ACS Query regarding ACS (employement & education) assesment

    I need clarification about my employment & Education assessment. I have overall 7+yrs of experience in Windows\Vmware\Cloud\Network administration. I worked in 5 different companies and below is the duration I was with each of them. Company A: 2 yrs 7 months Company B: 1 year 11 months...
  3. A

    How to gain extra 5 points for Partner skill asessment

    Hi All, I have submitted my eoi with 65 points under mechanical engineer. Where my wife is primary applicant. I want to gain partner 5 points. My education degree is Bachelor in commerce and Master degree in IT. With overall 6+ years of experience in IT domain as System administrator...
  4. prabashj

    What is the most reliable occupation among below 3

    What is the most reliable occupation to apply Ausi PR among below 3? I'm confused which to select as my occupation, coz it could fall into either from below three. So need to select which occupation is trustworthy on the PR process. Which has high demand? Systems Administrator 262113 ACS...