1. Hasan.gharaibeh

    ACS Can same duty appears in different companies for the same person?

    Hi all, Can the same duty appears in multiple work experiences. For example: in case of Software Engineer: Execute full software development life cycle (SDLC) Just wondering if it's fine to have the same duties in different companies, usually they have common duties and people change jobs...
  2. Hasan.gharaibeh

    ACS How detailed the ACS experience letter should be? Is it sufficient to have such as this responsibilities :

    Software Engineer Job Duties: Determines operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, problem definition, requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions. Documents and demonstrates solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and...
  3. wanderlust3108

    ACS Skill Letter lists all experience as India

    Hi, My ACS skill-assessment happened back in Nov 2017. In the skill letter all of my relevant experience are in the current company, ABC, with the location mentioned as India. However, I have travelled to Hong Kong (onsite) from ABC multiple times - some of those trips were for short-term (3...
  4. S

    ACS RPL Project Report

    Hi Guys, How one can prepare a RPL project report when he is working as a software tester? I mean the project report requirements are related to Development skills but not related testing so how to prepare the RPL project?
  5. S

    SA Spouse Skill Assessment(ACS) getting expired during nomination process

    Hi All, My wife lodged an application for 489 South Australia on 4th of July. At the time of submission all the documents which we have submitted was valid. We still haven't received an invitation and my ACS skill assessment (Spouce skill assessment) is about to expire. We tried to get this...
  6. M

    ACS Self-declaration allowed for ACS evaluation?

    Hi @MysticRiver and others, One of my ex-employers is not giving experience letter, and I am not able to get statutory declaration (affidavit) either from my reporting manager. Kindly let me know if "Self-declaration" will be valid for ACS evaluation purpose.. Thanks in advance.
  7. M

    ACS Doubts on 'Roles & Responsibilities' document's content for Software Engineer 261313 for ACS

    Hi folks, I am preparing the Roles & Responsibilities document to send to ACS for all the companies I have worked with. I am at a loss regarding till what level it should be detailed? I do understand that it should match with the sample R&R document ACS provides for 261313 (Software Engineer)...
  8. S

    ACS ACS Skills Assessment Queries

    I have few queries regarding ACS. Please read my scenario carefully. I have completed Diploma in Computer Engineering ( 3 years ) in 2010 then i completed Bachelors in Information Technology ( 2010-2016 ) in 2016. I started working as Java developer from 2012 and then switched to Android app...
  9. V

    ACS ACS- RPL-Education

    Hi, I am having 13+ years of working experience as an IT Analyst and Programmer. I am planning to get my skills accessed under 261311 - Analyst Programmer, and I have all roles and responsibilities certificates from my employers, along with salary slips and other related documents. Could you...
  10. A

    ACS Reassessment from ANZSCO code 1 to ANZSCO code 2

    Hi All, I was assessed in one of ANZSCO code last year September but I want reassess myself for other ANZSCO code. Can anyone please help out with the process? Do I need to submit all documents again or only resume update will be suffice?
  11. shwetha_sharma

    ACS Can I apply for ACS assessment after EA imposes a 12 months' ban?

    Hello all, Age: 32 - 30 points PTE: 10 points (aiming for 80+) Telecom Engineer Working as Business Analyst Spouse points: +ve ACS assessment I recently applied for EA assessment and this morning I got a ban imposed for one year. My question is what next? Can I apply through ACS? Or wait for...
  12. A

    ACS Should I wait to complete my ICT degree or go for RPL

    Hi. I have a 2 years accredited non-ICT degree (B.Com) and then 2 years non-accredited ICT degree (M.CS). The university will verify my non-accredited degree/certificate if any authority emails them. I have 11 years of software engineering experience. 10 years ago I started a 2 years ICT degree...
  13. M

    ACS Query regarding ACS assessment (261313 or 261111)

    Dear @MysticRiver and other friends, I have some queries regarding my upcoming ACS (education and work experience) assessment, which I'll be submitting later this month. I've done lot of experimentation in the past (job changes, masters degree between jobs), which has slightly complicated the...
  14. M

    Should I go for ACS assessment this year or next year if I have 7 years relevant work experience?

    My timeline & current status: Age: 36 2006 Completed Bachelors (Computer Science) India 2006-2008 Relevant work experience (2 years) India 2008-2010 Studied Master in Computer Science (2 years) United States 2010- present Relevant work experience (9 years) in India PTE with 79+ (Superior) I am...
  15. G

    ACS ACS with RPL -> Vetassess?

    Hi Friends, I am looking for an advice from people who have already received their 189 visa and had their ACS assessment done through RPL route. I am a Mechanical engineer working in software industry. My ACS application with RPL is approved and 6 years are deducted,as expected. I had sent...
  16. X

    ACS Pre-Qualification relevant experience years deduction

    I have pre-qualification experience, I want to get information if it can be used as years deduction. I will list all the detail about my scenario. I have ICT-Major Computer Engineering Sep 2006 - Sep 2010 Post qualification Exp: Oct 2010 till now ( 19 Feb 2019) Pre-qualification Exp: Aug...
  17. K

    EA Can I apply through EA with a BTech - Computer Science and engineering degree?

    Hello Forum, I have a question regarding the assessing authority. My undergrad was in BTech - Computer Science and engineering. And I worked as a Network Engineer in Cisco Systems for 4 years. Cisco is a telecommunications company. My job experience was an overlap of Telecommunications...
  18. A

    ACS Statutory declaration for Skills Assessment in ACS

    Dear friends, I have a few doubts regarding submission of a Statutory declaration to ACS for Skills Assessment. I went through the ACS guidelines pdf ( Assessment Guidelines for Applicants V5-6 Aug 2018.pdf) and understood that if one...
  19. R

    ACS Skill assessment for Subclass 189

    Hi All I have my skills assessment done on the basis of my Bachelors in IT with the deduction of 2 years from India. Date of assessment is 10 May 2018. I am currently pursuing my Masters in IT and working part-time in IT. To claim 5 points for Australian work experience after 1 year, do I need...
  20. Jackallon

    ACS Switched Jobs and Country after the ACS Assessment

    Hello All, I applied for an assessment under 261112 (Systems Analyst) of the ANZSCO Code in mid 2018 from US. I have over 9 years of experience and did a Master's from US as well. I have a 2 part question. 1. I understand ACS deducts years based on Education and work history but it seems they...