1. L

    ACS Evidence of payment - Employment linked insurance

    Hi, I am having a hard time to collect evidence of payments from a specific employer. Basically, I worked for 2 years for a company as an intern. I have all payslips of this period (2013 - 2015). The problem is that my bank statements do not show the employer's name and I do not have any...
  2. B

    ACS Can I do Professional year when not on 485 visa ?

    Hi all, can we do professional year only while holding 485 visa? I have done my masters in Australia and was on 485 visa. I got aa positive ACS skills assessment.But my 485 visa expired and I am now a dependant on my husbands student visa with full work rights? Can I do professional year now and...
  3. N

    NSW Software Tester 261314 or Software Engineer 261313

    Hi guys, wanted opinion from the experienced guys here. I have submitted my EOI for 261314 Software Tester for 190 SS with 90 points and I am onshore currently on 482 visa. I have asked a few guys who have suggested me to go for another assessment for 261313 to increase my chances of invite. In...
  4. S

    ACS Need guidance with RPL - work experience please.

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone can help me with RPL queries. I have my bachelors/diploma from a non ICT background and I have 10+years of work experience. Company 1 - 2004 to 2011 (international work exp) (7years) Company 2 - 2013 to 2017 (international work exp) (4 years) I got my ICT...
  5. Sydney_Sider

    ACS Assessor recommends a different code despite previous positive assessment

    Hi All, In 2015 I got a positive assessment for ANZSCO 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer). In April 2020 I submitted a new application with the same exact letters and the response from ACS has been: "The assessor suggests my skills match ANZSCO 263212 ICT Support Engineer" My...
  6. R

    ACS ACS Assessment for UK Experience, only standard reference letter available

    Hi All I am going to be a new applicant and as first step I need to get Skill Assessment form ACS for my last 11 years of experience as IT Consultant/Developer, all years working in UK only. Now, in UK the standard practice is that Employer can give me a standard reference letter including...
  7. sky0117

    ACS ACS Employment Reference/evidence & Years of work experience to submit

    Hi, I'm preparing for the ACS Skills Assessment for visa 186 DE and the occupation is Multimedia Specialist. There are a few things I'm hoping to get some clarifications before submitting. My background: Currently on 482 visa > 12 years of working experience, out of that, I've 5 years of...
  8. A

    ACS Confusion regarding skill assessment

    Hello, I did BCA from India, MSc. in Computer Application and IT from UK and then Master of information system with Business analysis as Major from Australia. i have done Professional year too and working in an IT company. I don't have any work experience of India. I want to know if I am...
  9. PDR

    Result My ACS Skill Assessment Experience - Last year and this year

    I would share my experience of 2 ACS skill assessments I did. SA-1 263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer Date of submission : 19 July 2019 Date of Approval : 04 Sep 2019 I lost one of my mark sheet and it was difficult to get it from my university (Calicut). One case office contacted me multiple...
  10. Z

    ACS ACS assessed Bachelor Degree from UQ, One of ACS Accredited Courses unsuitable under the New Changes

    I submitted the skills assessment on the 16th of July 2020 and received unsuitable skills assessment result on the 25th of August 2020. You can read the details from my Linkedin article. ACS Does Not Recognize Bachelor Degree from UQ, One of ACS Accredited Courses for Migration Purpose in 2020...
  11. V

    ACS Experience letter not available from current employer

    I have gathered all experience letters from my previous employers but my current employers are denying to provide one and all my team is based in US including the manager, team leader and senior. In the current pandemic scenario I can't even go to the lawyers office for affidavit or have any...
  12. M

    ACS Translation of payslips in English

    Hi, the payslip format of one of my employers is not in English. It's a PDF including a 1 full page table with many fields related to accounting details (codes, tax and legal details, subtotals, and totals). The texts are the names of the fields of the table, some legal references and the...
  13. G

    ACS Doubt about sentence in Employment letter

    Hi, I asked via e-mail one of my old employers an employment reference letter because I needed it for a skills assessment (prior to a visa application). The employer sent me the employment reference letter in the expected format (it includes all the information listed in ACS guidelines...
  14. N

    2019-2020 Alternative for employment payment evidence in ACS assessment

    Hi, Any alternatives for the employment payment evidence? In my case, my previous company bank account was closed and I haven’t kept any payslips. For my current job, company name is not mentioned in the bank statement rather it just say SALARY. Also I don’t have any tax records as I am working...
  15. bishta5

    ACS ACS Payment Evidence- Income Tax Returns(India)

    Dear All, I need help to understand the below scenario for ACS payment evidence. I have got the bank statement + Income Tax Return(ITR) as proof of income for my Indian job Experience. So would like to know should ITR be accessed with Financial year or Assessment year. Regards
  16. A

    ACS Do we need to do the ACS reassessment if we need to claim additional points for the updated experience after initial ACS result

    I recently did my ACS assessment in Feb 2020, and changed the employer in March 2020. By July 2020 I would complete 3 years of local Australia experience in the same domain with same roles and responsibilities and can get a experience letter from the new employer for the same. Do I need to do a...
  17. G

    ACS Who can certify an employment reference letter for ACS assessment? Can a pharmacist do so ?

    Hi All.. Can a pharmacist certify a employment reference letter for ACS assessment for Australian PR ? Who all can do this . Currently JP services are suspended and can't find one..
  18. K

    ACS Advice for ACS Skill Assessment

    Hi All, As the very first step for PR is to get skill assessed I need clarification on my profile. Bachelors: Electronics and communication engineering (2010 - 2014) Experience: July 2014 to June 2018 (3.6 Years in IT with Proof) Postgraduate: Masters in Data Science (2018 - 2020) (Not ACS...
  19. V

    ACS ACS or Engineering Australia

    Hi, I have completed my Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) in the year 2014. However, I have 4 years of work experience in IT field (2014-2018). Then i came here to Australia and completed my Masters of Information Technology (2018-2019) and now I am...
  20. T

    ACS Question on ACS points claim

    Hi Guru's I have done my Bachelors of Science in Maths, Electronics and Physics (3 year full time study in INDIA) and have overall 11.4 years IT experience (ANZSCO - Developer programmer -261312). In which category would my degree be considered (like ICT major or Minor) and how many points can...