1. G

    ACS ACS with RPL -> Vetassess?

    Hi Friends, I am looking for an advice from people who have already received their 189 visa and had their ACS assessment done through RPL route. I am a Mechanical engineer working in software industry. My ACS application with RPL is approved and 6 years are deducted,as expected. I had sent...
  2. X

    ACS Pre-Qualification relevant experience years deduction

    I have pre-qualification experience, I want to get information if it can be used as years deduction. I will list all the detail about my scenario. I have ICT-Major Computer Engineering Sep 2006 - Sep 2010 Post qualification Exp: Oct 2010 till now ( 19 Feb 2019) Pre-qualification Exp: Aug...
  3. K

    EA Can I apply through EA with a BTech - Computer Science and engineering degree?

    Hello Forum, I have a question regarding the assessing authority. My undergrad was in BTech - Computer Science and engineering. And I worked as a Network Engineer in Cisco Systems for 4 years. Cisco is a telecommunications company. My job experience was an overlap of Telecommunications...
  4. A

    ACS Statutory declaration for Skills Assessment in ACS

    Dear friends, I have a few doubts regarding submission of a Statutory declaration to ACS for Skills Assessment. I went through the ACS guidelines pdf ( Assessment Guidelines for Applicants V5-6 Aug 2018.pdf) and understood that if one...
  5. R

    ACS Skill assessment for Subclass 189

    Hi All I have my skills assessment done on the basis of my Bachelors in IT with the deduction of 2 years from India. Date of assessment is 10 May 2018. I am currently pursuing my Masters in IT and working part-time in IT. To claim 5 points for Australian work experience after 1 year, do I need...
  6. Jackallon

    ACS Switched Jobs and Country after the ACS Assessment

    Hello All, I applied for an assessment under 261112 (Systems Analyst) of the ANZSCO Code in mid 2018 from US. I have over 9 years of experience and did a Master's from US as well. I have a 2 part question. 1. I understand ACS deducts years based on Education and work history but it seems they...
  7. N

    ACS Do we need to upload all work experiences for ACS, even its not relevant?

    Do we need to upload all work experiences to ACS for assessment even if we know its not relevant? or only those work experiences which we need to be accessed?
  8. Haseeb Warraich

    ACS Acs Assessment

    Hello All, I have done Master of Information technology so I want to get assessed by a ACS which is best assessment in regard of PR as my degree major is networking and softdev in which field should I put my degree for assessment ?
  9. J

    ACS Ace skill assessment with no professional year

    I have Bach in electronics and comms but as they system is getting difficult I was thinking of apply as a software developer or application engineer. I have done masters in IT from Australian university however I did not go for professional year. Is it true I cannot apply for skill asessment...
  10. O

    ACS Clarification needed for Assessment Expiry date

    Hi guys, Hope everyone doing well. I need a clarification regarding re-skill assessment. I am waiting for the invite since Aug 20th with 70/75 for 189/190 under 2613 (Software Engineering category). I will be getting 5 more points on Feb 1st which takes my points to 75/80 for 189/190 (NSW/VIC)...
  11. W

    ACS Experience during bachelors degree

    I am doing programming since I was in 8th standard and after doing my 12th standard I started working with proper software houses, worked as windows programmer(full-time night shifts) while doing my degree which I paid for by doing jobs. Now, I have letters and payslips to prove it but I know I...
  12. parul0802

    ACS Regarding Statutory Declaration

    I have worked in my current company for 10.5 years . My location of employment has been Bangalore , India . During the 10.5 years duration of my employment . I have also worked in US for 7 months on H1B Visa , 5 months in UK on work permit , 3 months on VISA 457 Australia and 3 months in...
  13. S

    ACS Should I do ACS Skills Reassessment for a New Education Degree?

    I am a partner to primary applicant. Got positive ACS assessment for Systems Analyst on March 2018. I completed a 1 year Full Time Master Degree in Data Science in July 2018. Got an Invitation in September 2018 with the existing documents. Should I do a ACS re-assessment for my situation for...
  14. G

    ACS ACS: How do they evaluate founder experience?

    Hello everybody. I am applying for my Australia 189 visa under ICT business analyst. I have over 12 years of experience, with an undergrad in software engineering from The University of Melbourne and Masters in Computer Science from NYU. All my experiences seem to check off the ACS and DIPB...
  15. M

    EOI - Query about updating EOI

    Hi, I have submitted my EOI during June-2018; I had to get my skills assessed by ACS and have claimed the points accordingly. Now, I have been promoted to a Senior Role with effective from August, however, the job role/responsibilities are the same. The questions I have are: 1. Should I...
  16. aus91

    ACS If ACS mentions the skill met date as 'after Aug 2015' should I enter the relevant work experience starting Aug 2015, or should that be September 2015

    If ACS mentions the skill met date as 'after Aug 2015' should I enter the relevant work experience starting Aug 2015, or should that be September 2015?
  17. aus91

    ACS Will ACS deduct the entire month if I did not work in that month for more than 2 days?

    Is it true that ACS will deduct the entire month if I did not work in that month for more than 2 days? For instance, if I joined a company on June 17, will the remaining days of this month not be considered under relavant experience and same will be counted from July onwards? Does the same apply...
  18. aus91

    ACS Can I can claim points for the work experience after ACS evaluation gets completed?

    I would like to know if I can claim points for the work experience after the evaluation gets completed. For instance, if the evaluation gets completed on Sep 2018, and I continue to work in the same employment, in the same organization, can I claim points for the experience gained in say, Oct...
  19. T

    ACS using experience for assessment only.

    Hi I'm preparing to apply for australian immigration. I am working in australia for 18+ months now on 457. For ACS, I do not have my previous experience letters in correct format. I have asked one previous employer and he is willing to give me new experience letter. I can use this for...
  20. A

    ACS ACS Assessment July 2018

    Can I request all those who submitted ACS assessment request in July 2018 to post when they receive their results. This will help all others waiting to estimate the timelines for ACS assessment.....