1. MinMoo

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment letter states longer period of employment than what was submitted. Mistake?

    Hi, I've received skill assessment positive result recently but I believe it outlines wrong date of my employment. Here is a snippet `The following employment afer 10 December 2020 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer...
  2. mdmathewdc

    ACS ACS Assessment 2 years deduction

    Hi, I had a doubt with ACS Skill Assessment. Will they still reduce 2 years experience if I have a Australian Masters degree? I did my Bachelors in Computer science and had 1.8 years of work experience as a Programmer Analyst before coming to Australia to do my Masters in IT. Currently working...
  3. A

    ACS Post ACS Skills Assessment

    Hey, I changed employers shortly after my positive skills assessment. It's the same title as my prior job, will I need to get a new skills assessment done? Or is any relevant employment after my skill level requirement met date claimable for points without reassessment? Thanks!
  4. S

    ACS Skill Requirement Met Date

    I have read several posts but I am still confused about the 2years deduction from ACS. I started working as software developer from 2015 July till June 2019 overseas (4yrs) I did my bachelors in IT Major from Nov 2013 to March 2017 Then, my masters in IT Major in Australia from July 2019 to...
  5. sunilsingh2019

    ACS I have got rejected lack of information what should i do ?

  6. V

    ACS Date Completed in ACS Qualification

    Hi guys, I need some clarification from you all. I gave my Date completed for my Master's degree (Australian University) as last day of exam (30/06/2021) and the ACS has also assessed it as per that date. Because of the pandemic my graduation got postponed and the date mentioned in Degree is...
  7. J

    ACS For getting 482 TSS visa for software engineer do we need to have skill assessment done? Also, i can see 3 years experience is required?

    My question is if i do skill assessment ACS (Australian computer Society) which does the skill assessment for IT engineer deducts the first 2 years from your work experience. I am having 4 years exp. in my current field as of now . Am i eligible or not? because if they count the experience like...
  8. sabyhq13

    Info Information update regarding ACS - is it true, please confirm?

    Hi all, I got this forward from a source and the person doesn't have the website link for this. Can anybody confirm if this is true & the source of this news? It mentions some changes for ACS evaluation (Upcoming for December 2021) Please do shed some light if anyone has any information. Thank...
  9. V

    ACS No relevant work experience but Masters and Professional Year in Australia

    Hello! Im taking a Masters in IT from an australian uni, planning to get a Temporary Graduate visa to take ACS's Professional Year program. I have 2 years of work experience as a Systems Analyst, but I specialized in Software Engineering in my bachelors and chose it as my major for my masters...
  10. AdnanAS8

    ACS What ANZSCO CODE should I pick as a Data Analyst / Data Scientist?

    Hi guys, I have a Master's degree in Data Science (with mostly Advanced Data Analytics units) and I have been working for over a year as a Data & Insights Analyst in Melbourne. My role is more of a Data Scientist and it involves using SQL , Python , Power BI , Azure Data Factory etc. I have...
  11. A

    ACS Masters in IT (Mj Cyber securtiy and networking) with past experience in Telecommunication Network Engineer.

    I had done Bachelors in Technology, Major in Electronics and Communication Engineering from INDIA (4years) I have 5+ years of experience in telecommunication network Engineer. (Anzsco- 263312) This assessment will be done by EA (I have not done any assessment yet) . Now, I completed my...
  12. T

    Subclass 186 Relevant Work Experience

    Hi all, Just want to clarify the relevant work experience requirement of 3years for the subclass 186 DE or the 2 years on subclass 482 MT, as there is conflicting definitions for this. I will be applying on ANSZCO 261111 and will have to go the RPL route as I studied as Civil Engineering but...
  13. G

    ACS ACS 1 year work experience points

    Hi, I completed my master's in July 2019, and I started my Professional year in March 2020. I also started work as a business analyst in DEC 2020. I already did my post-study skill assessment based on my masters and PY and have a positive assessment for both 26111 and 261313. Now my 1 year...
  14. carlo_lu

    ACS ICT Security Specialist - Audit Experience

    Hello, Will internal/external audit experience be counted for skills assessment for ICT security specialist? Here is a brief detail on my work experience below: Job 1: External IT Audit - 2 years Job 2: Internal IT Audit - 2 years Job 3: Security Incident Response Quality Assurance - 6 years
  15. deepakrao

    ACS Is Skills Assessment needed for Professional Year ?

    Hi All, I got my skills assessment done using my experience and degree. However, I am presently doing my professional year, and wanted to know if I should get another assessment done (once I complete the PY) with ACS to claim the 5 point. Thanks
  16. Y

    ACS Skill Assessment for ICT

    Hey Everyone ! I have completed my under graduation in Computer science and also have Post graduation diploma in Marketing and operations. I am looking to go through the skill assessment through ACS as a ICT Business Analyst(261111) as my skills are matching this ANZCO. Since I have post...
  17. P

    ACS career break between graduation and employment

    Hi team, I'm planning to apply for ACS. I have career break of 3 years between my graduation(B.Tech) and employment. Will there be an issue in my ACS assessment. Please respond.
  18. G

    ACS ANZSCO code in 482 visa is different from my ACS skill assesment letter

    Hi All, i had completed my ACS in Sep 2020 with Software engineer. But i recently found out that my 482 visa was sponsored against computer network & systems engineer, which is really strange. So if my employer wants to sponsor my 186 DE, i would have to update my ACS with Computer network &...
  19. M

    ACS ACS RPL reference letter

    Hello, I have a question. At this moment I'm working on the ACS RPL reference letter. I've had several roles at my employer which are all mentioned in my reference letter. All have an start/end date except my current role because I'm still active in that role. Does my employer need to mention...
  20. G

    ACS Negative ACS Result - Please help me to understand

    Hi folks, I just got my ACS skill assessment result and it is as below. I am super tensed and confused. Can anyone please help me to understand this? 1) The following qualifications do not meet the ACS suitability criteria: - But they assessed by Bachelors as a Major and Masters (from...