1. M

    ACS Translation of payslips in English

    Hi, the payslip format of one of my employers is not in English. It's a PDF including a 1 full page table with many fields related to accounting details (codes, tax and legal details, subtotals, and totals). The texts are the names of the fields of the table, some legal references and the...
  2. G

    ACS Doubt about sentence in Employment letter

    Hi, I asked via e-mail one of my old employers an employment reference letter because I needed it for a skills assessment (prior to a visa application). The employer sent me the employment reference letter in the expected format (it includes all the information listed in ACS guidelines...
  3. N

    2019-2020 Alternative for employment payment evidence in ACS assessment

    Hi, Any alternatives for the employment payment evidence? In my case, my previous company bank account was closed and I haven’t kept any payslips. For my current job, company name is not mentioned in the bank statement rather it just say SALARY. Also I don’t have any tax records as I am working...
  4. bishta5

    ACS ACS Payment Evidence- Income Tax Returns(India)

    Dear All, I need help to understand the below scenario for ACS payment evidence. I have got the bank statement + Income Tax Return(ITR) as proof of income for my Indian job Experience. So would like to know should ITR be accessed with Financial year or Assessment year. Regards
  5. A

    ACS Do we need to do the ACS reassessment if we need to claim additional points for the updated experience after initial ACS result

    I recently did my ACS assessment in Feb 2020, and changed the employer in March 2020. By July 2020 I would complete 3 years of local Australia experience in the same domain with same roles and responsibilities and can get a experience letter from the new employer for the same. Do I need to do a...
  6. G

    ACS Who can certify an employment reference letter for ACS assessment? Can a pharmacist do so ?

    Hi All.. Can a pharmacist certify a employment reference letter for ACS assessment for Australian PR ? Who all can do this . Currently JP services are suspended and can't find one..
  7. K

    ACS Advice for ACS Skill Assessment

    Hi All, As the very first step for PR is to get skill assessed I need clarification on my profile. Bachelors: Electronics and communication engineering (2010 - 2014) Experience: July 2014 to June 2018 (3.6 Years in IT with Proof) Postgraduate: Masters in Data Science (2018 - 2020) (Not ACS...
  8. V

    ACS ACS or Engineering Australia

    Hi, I have completed my Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) in the year 2014. However, I have 4 years of work experience in IT field (2014-2018). Then i came here to Australia and completed my Masters of Information Technology (2018-2019) and now I am...
  9. T

    ACS Question on ACS points claim

    Hi Guru's I have done my Bachelors of Science in Maths, Electronics and Physics (3 year full time study in INDIA) and have overall 11.4 years IT experience (ANZSCO - Developer programmer -261312). In which category would my degree be considered (like ICT major or Minor) and how many points can...
  10. A

    Occupation name differs from current visa

    HI I'm presently on 482 with Code ICT Business Analyst - 261111 However I'm planning to apply for 189. I have completed by skills assessment with occupation code 261313 - Software Engineer and waiting for an invite. If I receive an invitation and when the application is processed will this...
  11. sarao07

    ACS Confusion about my work experience will be assessed by acs or not?

    Hi Guys i did my bachelor in IT from india and worked there for 2 and half year as web developer and then i moved to Australia completed my Masters in IT and working as web developer completed 8 months . Can anyone recommend me about acs assessment would acs assess my work experience . Can i get...
  12. N

    ACS Skill assessment after PY ? confused

    If completion of PY in itself is enough for getting our skills assessed through ACS or do we have to apply for skills assessment separately? How long does it take to get skills assessed after PY completion?
  13. M

    ACS Insufficient computing content

    My ICT skills have been assessed as unsuitable for migration under ANZSCO Code 261313 (Software Engineer). Your Bachelor Degree has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with insufficient computing content and therefore does not meet the requirements of the ACS as stated in the...
  14. K

    ACS Question from a friend: Will ACS reject his skill assessment application if he did not upload payment evidence?

    He only uploaded certificate of employment with job description and salary. Thanks.
  15. raghav2k14

    ACS ACS Skills assessment after 2 years

    Hi All I had a my ACS skills assessment for 261313 software engineer which expires in May 2020. I applied for re-assessment with my previous experience and the new one added. Now due to changed conditions and documentation, ACS has not counted my experience which was previously counted in first...
  16. B

    ACS ACS Experience Deduction upto 4 years for BTech IT.

    Hi all, I’m 36 years old female, and I have work experience for about 11 yrs and 10 months(in a single company), which got completed on Apr 2018. I took break from work after Apr 2018 due to personal reasons. My husband is 39 years old (will be 40 in this November) and has around 14 years of...
  17. Anam

    ACS How can i claim work skill points (System Analysts) if my job is not same as my education (networking)

    Hi, I completed my masters in IT major networking and currently working as system analyst. I am still doing my Professional Year. So, didn’t assess my degree yet. My question is: How can i claim my work employment points? As it is not closely related to my education (networking)? or can i do...
  18. D

    ACS Are Bank Statements absolutely necessary for skills assessment for self employed?

    Hi All! I am planning to apply for a 189/190 visa and I am claiming self employment for the skills assessment as a Software Engineer. On top of my regular employment in Software support, I've been working with this one client for the past year or so developing and maintaining a software...
  19. soujanya123

    EA Job Experience will count under ACS or EA ?

    I am a B.Tech Electronics Engineer. I have job role of Associate Software Engineer. But Under my job description, my work related to embedded systems and automotive industry. So, will my job be assessed by EA or ACS. I am confused. Please Help. And How many years of experience required.
  20. Z

    ACS Your ICT skills have been assessed as unsuitable for migration under ANZSCO Code 261314 (Software Tester).

    1. My degree could not be assessed due to lack of information/documentation and therefore it does not meet the requirements of the ACS as stated in the policy manual. For above based on old guidelines, I uploaded certified degree certificate and transcript in black and white, so I assume that...