1. dkonline

    ACS ACS Assessment : Experience Letter signing authority

    Dear Moderator, The signing authority for one of my experience letter is Administrative Manager, as the company has downsized the workforce and only few other positions are still working. I have got everything ready like, payslips and experience letter and bank statements... will this be enough...
  2. Deepakdeepu523

    ACS B.E Bio-Informatics Reduction of experience

    Hi I Applied for ACS with 7 years and 5 months of experience as a senior software engineer working in same company from June 2012 to till date which comes under (7.5 months) I did my Bachelors in B.E Bio-Informatics May I know how many years will be deducted from my total experience. I applied...
  3. M

    ACS ACS skill assesment rejected :(

    Hi guys Kind of stuck in here. I applied for ACS in August '18 for migration under 261313 - Software Engineer post. I have got the reply last week as : ''Your skills have been unsuitable for migration under 261313. You have been assessed as not meeting the requirements for professional...
  4. Z

    'Relevant occupation' after getting experience points

    Hi, I have acquired 5 points recently for 3 years experiences in an occupation 261312. As soon as I got the points I changed the job to another firm. 1) Do I need to add the new job in the EOI (keeping in mind that there is a rule to show all the occupations in the last 10 years), though it...
  5. T

    ACS ACS Experience points not updated automatically in EOI

    Dears, MY ACS experience is below, I reached 5 years of work experience as per ACS assessment but still in EOI, I am getting 5 points instead of 10 (5 years or more experience). I want to know when I can get the 10 points for my experience, i saw some post in which it is mentioned that when...