act 190

  1. A

    ACT 190 offshore processing time after reopen

    Hi folks, I have been waiting for the ACT 190 offshore visa grant (or a CO contact) since Feb 2020... however, my application status has been remained "received" during the COVID shut-off for all the offshore applicants. I believe there are more ppl like me who are waiting and hoping the reopen...
  2. L

    ACT ACT MATRIX - approved but incorrect info on matrix

    Hi there, received a state nomination for ACT based on the matrix but just realised I claimed points incorrectly for two- three years stay which only allows for max. of 6 weeks outside of Canberra . I misjudged my calculation and I can’t claim those points based on the criteria. I have a full...
  3. N

    ACT Spouse / Partner Employment question - Canberra Matrix

    Hi. I don't quite know how to answer the question regarding Spouse / Partner Employment. My partner does not have any experience working in ACT. We're both overseas applicants. He has 10 years experience as a Software Engineer and he has a skill assessment done by ACS. Should I select the answer...
  4. N

    ACT Matrix point invitation

    I had 60 points on matrix system on ACT 190 visa. But my agent did a silly mistake and lodged an EOI for 65 points. Now I have the invitation which says 65 points but I only have 60 points. I cannot re lodge another EOI because I wont have 10 points for staying at ACT as they deducted that since...
  5. mohsinciddiki

    Skilled VISA 190 for Australian Capital Territory

    Nominated Skilled Migration 190 visa pathway update The ACT 190 Nomination program will reopen on 29 November 2018 with a new process for determining nominated applicants. The ACT nominated Skilled Migration 190 visa pathway is intended to help address the specific skills shortages in the ACT...
  6. G

    ACT ACT 190 for ACT residents with close ties(family) in Canberra

    Hey all! Hope to get some light on to this tricky situation. ACT government has recently closed 190 program for overseas residents and local residents unless their occupation is listed as "Open" and 190 is also closed for overseas residents with "close ties" (family) in Canberra. Does anyone...