act state sponsorship

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    ACT ACT MATRIX - approved but incorrect info on matrix

    Hi there, received a state nomination for ACT based on the matrix but just realised I claimed points incorrectly for two- three years stay which only allows for max. of 6 weeks outside of Canberra . I misjudged my calculation and I can’t claim those points based on the criteria. I have a full...
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    ACT ACT Canberra Matrix- De facto Partner points

    Hi All , Does any one has an experience or can help me interpret the below on Canberra matrix please.Can I claim Spouse points if I am in a defacto relationship ? What I read is the below from ACT document : "If you claiming Matrix points for a spouse’s/partner’s English ability or...
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    ACT Act 190 visa condition

    Is it ok to Move out from the state which nominate me for 190 visa if we have a genuine job offer from other state
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    ACT ACT 190 for ACT residents with close ties(family) in Canberra

    Hey all! Hope to get some light on to this tricky situation. ACT government has recently closed 190 program for overseas residents and local residents unless their occupation is listed as "Open" and 190 is also closed for overseas residents with "close ties" (family) in Canberra. Does anyone...