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    ACS Need to submit the pending documents in ACS portal.

    Hello Guys, I have also submitted the Skill assessment and received email from case office that upload some additional document within 7 days. Due to some reason and my NON availability , it took almost 10 days for me to arrange all documents. Now "upload documents" button not getting in ACS...
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    EA EA has asked me for additional documents

    I have got positive assessment for CDR assessment. And now,I have lodge my relevant skill assessment. After 12 days, EA has asked to submit additional documents for my current employment. They have asked for secondary document such as below. The secondary documents your provided of ( Name of...
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    How long will take to get my 190 visa granted after submitted additional documents for relationship?

    Hi guys, I met my wife through a friend in July 2018, our relationship moved really fast, and we decided to get married 6 months after. We are currently living in Canberra, and applied for ACT nomination in July 2019 with my wife and nominated by ACT in August 2019, everything were submitted...