application status changes

  1. H

    After citizenship test status don’t change?

    Hi, a month ago I passed my citizenship test; however my status on IMMI says still “received”. I have a few friends going through the same and their status changed to “accepted” I believe the day after they passed their test. They also received a physical letter to their email. I was wondering...
  2. S

    Last update change

    Hi yesterday my last update date changed after 4 months of lodging visa subclass 500 application. can someone help to interpret this?
  3. M

    How can I correct a miss information in my Application after had the Visa Granted?

    Hi, I'm trying to correct an answer from my Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) application. I have a double citizenship as a Brazilian and Italian. To apply for the 417 visa I used my Italian passport. One of the questions in the form looked ambiguous to me. It asked if I have lived outside of...
  4. SC189

    Application status in ImmiAccount and timeline to change status

    Dears, Any idea of list of application status in IMMI account? I knew, Submitted->Recieved So after status changed to Received, how long will it take to next status? I mean usual or average time line