1. S

    VETASSESS Vetassess Application

    Hello, I'm ready to go through Skills assessment process with Vetassess for my Immigration purpose, this is the first step for me and I've already shortlisted Job 149212 and visa type 190, to make sure I do everything correctly, can you pls help to advise on the below screenshot? I suppose, I...
  2. S

    Photograph for visa application

    I have scanned the Photo front and back[with name and signature] as pdf file. I can see a lot of white space around the photo. Like below I am confused about how to upload the scanned document as the guidelines show it is wrong. how should...
  3. S

    Form filling for visa application - SC190

    I have Few doubts in filling the online application for SC190 visa. Experts, can you please help me with this. Page 3 "Other names / spellings" I have a different spelling for my name - How to handle this? Example, passport spelling is 'Prabhu' Birth Certificate spelling is 'Prabu'.[note: All...
  4. yasminaosman

    Country of residence and educational record in visa application

    Mystic river, concerning the countries of residence, we should fill in the date from and date to, is that of the last permanent address or for the full time living in that country? And if I lived in Dubai for 5 months, should I mention the date of my birth till the date I moved to Dubai, and...
  5. MysticRiver

    Guide Submitting visa application: step by step guide (Subclass 189)

    Due to the popularity of step by step guide for submitting EOI and members' request, here I am trying to summarize the procedure for submitting your visa application once your EOI gets invitation. Once you get invitation for your EOI, you need to accept that EOI before proceeding for visa...
  6. O

    How to proceed further with 189 after receiving an invitation to lodge a Skilled visa

    Hello Admin, I am happy to share that finally my EOI was accepted under 189 cat and now I am getting my self ready with the further procedure. Credit goes to Lord Jesus and you. Your guidance finally helped me securing a position in the Visa pool for Australia. I have rec email stating...