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    What is the effective cut-off for the occupation Architect - 232111.

    Where can I see the effective cut-off for the occupation Architect. In the Invitation rounds website, only few occupations were given with effective cut-off information.
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    Recent Architect invites

    Hello,, Just looking for some general feedback from other architects (232111) in the process of applying for SC 189 and 190. Any recent invites or state nominations? My EOI was very recently submitted so I'd like to try get a feel for what kind of wait I may be in for? Thank you
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    Architect skilled employment

    Hi all, I am wanting to submit my EOI (SC189) for the occupation of architect. I am now a bit puzzled as to whether my past work experience will be considered 'skilled'. I completed my undergraduate degree in architecture (BArch) in 2011, I did one year of non related work, followed by 2 years...